Subway Hiring Process and Interview

Subway Hiring Process and Interview

The steps in an Interview process can depend solely on the company doing the Interview and the job recruited for. Before a company goes out to recruit, they first look at the company’s needs. Identifying job position and other specifications are a very important part of the Interview process.

  • How do I pass an aptitude test for employment?
  • How do you prepare for a recruitment test?
  • Is the Subway test hard?
  • What questions are asked in a Subway interview?
  • Is it easy to get hired at Subway?
  • Do you have to take a test for Subway?
  • What are 3 good interview questions?
  • How long is Subway training?

The Hiring Process

What Should You Expect During The Recruitment Process?

  1. Application
  2. virtual interviews
  3. Hiring Manager Interview
  4. Assessment – behavioural and technical questions Wonderlic Test (WBST)
  5. Job Offer

Employment Assessment Test At Subway

Aptitude tests, Numerical, verbal, case study, role play, and group exercise

Subway Franchise Test

For the Franchise, you need to take the Wonderlic Test (WBST)

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Career Areas

Marketing Mailroom/shipping
Legal Food Service Worker
Business Development Sandwich Artist
Accounting/Finance Cashiers 
Training Cleaner 
Graphic/Store Design Customer Service

Headquarters: Milford, Connecticut, United States

Subway is the largest fast-food restaurant chain by number of locations in the world (43,000)

Headquarters: Milford, Connecticut, United States
Parent organization: Doctor’s Associates, Inc.
Founders: Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck

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Subway Salaries

Subway Sandwich Artist$10 per hour
Cashier$10 per hour
Cleaner $10 per hour

Common Interview Questions

  • How have you dealt with an angry or upset customer?
  • How would you describe an average day on this job?
  • How many employees have you hired in the past year?
  • How would you describe the pace at which you work?
  • Starting with your last job, tell us about any of your achievements
  • How does this job fit in with your overall career goals?
  • How do you think you will fit into this operation?
  • How do you measure success?
  • How do you handle stress and pressure?
  • How did your supervisor on your most recent job evaluate your job performance?
  • How did you hear bout this job opening?
  • Have you ever had difficulty working with a manager?

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