Delta Airlines Interview Process

Delta Airlines Interview Process

Usually referred to as ‘Delta‘, Delta Airlines is a major American airline headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with smaller subsidiaries, the airline operates up to 5,400 flights daily.

The airline serves an expansive network that reaches 304 places in 52 countries on six continents. It is truly hard to imagine a bigger airline.

With great power comes even greater responsibility, and thus a gigantic airline like Delta operates an equally gigantic recruitment process.

Being a big company, competition for employment is very stiff.  In 2012, Delta reportedly had 22,000 applicants for about 300 spots.

Great care is taken by Delta when hiring employees, and there’s nothing that tells this more than the steps they have to take to be screened, employed, trained, and then admitted into the workforce.

Assessments And Psychometric Tests

There are a few minimum qualifications that you must have before being even remotely considered for a job with Delta.

The first is that you must have at least a high school diploma/GED equivalent.

Secondly, you must possess authorization to work in the US, and third is that you must be at least up to 21 years of age.

If you have all these qualifications, the next step before becoming an employee of Delta Airlines is to submit an online application.

This is done on Delta’s website and is usually a form with your resume attached. The next thing, If you are picked, is to go through a psychometric test. These tests are basic tests used by corporations to measure an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral tendencies.

These tests are used to decide your suitability for a particular role or job. They do this by having a predetermined level of skills or character requirements needed for a  particular role.

The test then tries to find out if a candidate possesses these skills.

These tests are very useful for corporations because they allow them to easily weed out employees that are incompatible with their work philosophy, and values of ethics.

However, psychometric tests need not be a stumbling block on your path to the job of your dreams. With practice and a little luck, you can pass them easily. There are several free and paid psychometric tests that you can take online that help you get ready for the real tests set by Delta.


If you pass the assessment stage, the next stage is the interview stage. Delta uses the STAR Interviewing method. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

This is a questioning method that seeks to access applicants proficiency in dealing with situations. Interviewers use it to assess whether an applicant has the capabilities that the job requires.

Questions asked using the STAR format are usually asked in this manner.

You are asked to describe a difficult situation you found yourself in recently. In that situation, what was the task, you were supposed to achieve?

What actions did you take in order to achieve that goal? And what was the result? These sorts of questions give interviewers a sneak peek into the thinking patterns of potential employees, and this helps them know whether or not such applicants would be suitable for the roles they applied for.

When answering questions asked using the STAR format, applicants need to answer the questions in the same manner it was asked.

For example, if an applicant is asked to describe a situation where they had to motivate reluctant team members, it would be advisable for such an applicant to narrate the situation, explain the tasks to be achieved, talk about the actions they took, and describe the result of their actions.

If applicants are successful in this stage, they go through background checks and drug tests and are then given a job offer.

Employment Assessment Test At Delta

Interview preparation, Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test, and personality tests

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances

Career Areas

Flight AttendantsPilots
Baggage HandlerReservation Sales
Corporate/Management PositionsAirport Customer Service 
Technical OperationsCollege Programs
Flight Ops/OperationsCargo
Information TechnologyCustomer Center
Ramp OperationsInternational Opportunities

Delta Salaries

$44,000Flight Attendant – Hourly
$37,000Ramp Agent
$31,000Customer Service Representative
Open position 280+
Number of employees: 87,000 people worldwide
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Career Web Site

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