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Hogan Assessment Systems is a leading provider of personality assessments and talent management solutions. Hogan’s suite of assessments includes a variety of personality tests that are used by organizations to evaluate potential hires, as well as to support employee development and talent management initiatives.

One of Hogan’s most widely used assessments is the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), which measures normal personality traits that are relevant to job performance and success. The HPI assesses an individual’s tendencies in areas such as interpersonal skills, stress management, and adaptability.

The results of the HPI can help employers better understand a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, and to identify areas where additional training or support may be needed.

Today, thousands of multi-national companies, including over half of the ‘Fortune 500 companies, include Hogan Assessments Tests as part of their recruitment process. Thus, it is safe to say that you will, more often than not, be required to take at least one of the Hogan examinations.

The most common Hogan Assessment Tests include:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

This evaluation is intended to measure the ‘bright side’ of your personality or your day-to-day personality. It is based on the Five-Factor-Model created by Robert McCrae and Paul Costa.

A classification system in which traits are grouped into categories: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Consequently, the assessment measures how well you relate to others and if you can be successful as a leader or will work best as a follower.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

Considered by many as the opposite of the HPI, the Hogan Development Survey evaluates a candidate’s personality during times of fatigue, stress, or crisis. Its goal is to assess the degree of risk you represent for the company as an employee and to predict how you will react under extreme situations.

Usually, it is administered to candidates interested in high-level managerial roles or executive positions. 

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Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The MVPI assessment tests candidates on a more subjective level as it evaluates a person’s values, ideals, interests, and motivations.

As a result, companies can determine what role best suits your personality to ensure success.

Note that this pre-employment evaluation only takes between 15-20 minutes to complete and focuses on ten key values: recognition, hedonism, affiliation, security, aesthetics, power, altruism, tradition, commerce, and science.

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Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

The HBRI is a psychometric evaluation that measures the cognitive abilities of potential employees. It is designed for individuals interested in a career within the business field and is an excellent predicting tool of real-world performance.

Within this type of test, questions are based on data evaluation, problem-solving, and decision-making. Thus, you will be required to analyze and interpret data, reports, graphs, and diagrams.

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Hogan Judgment

It is one of the most abstract Hogan Assessments Tests and, thus, the least common of them all. The Hogan Judgment aims to evaluate aptitudes toward new things (e.g., learning new concepts and adapting to new environments) and measure your decision-making process.

Keep in mind that the decision-making process encompasses both pre and post-decision stages, even in scenarios involving negative feedback. Consequently, companies obtain essential insights into your capacity to learn, adapt, and make decisions.


How long does it take to complete the Hogan Assessment?

The Hogan assessments consist of Questions using True/False and Agree/Disagree Question.
The average time to complete the test is about 15-20 minutes.

How to Pass the Hogan Personality Test

Practice 3 days before the test and read the test instructions carefully.

What is a good score in hogan assessments?

The score in the test defined by the job position

Free Online Hogan Assessment Sample Questions

Statement on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)

  1. My mom always tells me that I had a vivid imagination.

2. I generally have a dramatic mood

3. I enjoy reading a book

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Which Personality Traits Are Measured by the Hogan

The Hogan assessments measure a variety of personality traits and characteristics, primarily through three core assessments: the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). Here’s a breakdown:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The HPI measures seven primary scales and six occupational scales intended to predict an individual’s suitability for different job roles, performance under supervision, and potential for career success. The seven primary scales are:

  1. Adjustment: Measures self-esteem, self-confidence, and composure under pressure.
  2. Ambition: Assesses initiative, competitiveness, and desire for leadership roles.
  3. Sociability: Measures the need for social interaction and likeliness to engage others in social settings.
  4. Interpersonal Sensitivity: Assesses tact, likeability, and relationship-maintenance skills.
  5. Prudence: Measures self-discipline, responsibility, and reliability.
  6. Inquisitive: Assesses imagination, curiosity, and creative potential.
  7. Learning Approach: Measures the enjoyment of learning and willingness to stay up-to-date with current trends and skills.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The HDS identifies 11 potentially derailing tendencies that can impede work relationships, hinder productivity, or limit overall career potential. These “dark side” traits become more apparent under stress and can undermine a person’s success. The 11 traits are:

  1. Excitable: Emotional volatility and inconsistency.
  2. Skeptical: A tendency towards cynicism and issues with trust.
  3. Cautious: Resistance to change and reluctance to take risks.
  4. Reserved: Emotional detachment and lack of enthusiasm.
  5. Leisurely: Passive-aggressiveness and resistance to being told what to do.
  6. Bold: Overconfidence and entitlement.
  7. Mischievous: Risk-taking and limit-testing behaviors.
  8. Colorful: Attention-seeking and desire for the spotlight.
  9. Imaginative: Creative but sometimes impractical thinking.
  10. Diligent: Detail-oriented but potentially overly critical.
  11. Dutiful: Desire to meet others’ expectations, sometimes at the expense of one’s own needs or judgment.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The MVPI measures a person’s core values, goals, and interests. This assessment is designed to understand what motivates individuals to succeed and how well they will fit into a corporate culture. The 10 primary scales of MVPI are:

  1. Recognition: Desire for attention and social recognition.
  2. Power: Interest in control, influence, and leadership roles.
  3. Hedonism: Orientation towards fun, enjoyment, and pleasure.
  4. Altruistic: Interest in helping others and contributing to a community.
  5. Affiliation: Desire for social interaction and relationship-building.
  6. Tradition: Respect for authority, rules, and established practices.
  7. Security: Focus on stability, predictability, and risk avoidance.
  8. Commerce: Interest in money, profits, investment, and business opportunities.
  9. Aesthetics: Interest in beauty, arts, and creative expression.
  10. Science: Interest in research, technology, and data-driven decision-making.

These scales are used to assess how a person will fit into a company’s culture, what kind of work will make them most productive, and how they might react under stress or during challenging times.

Improve Performance

Our Online Hogan test can provide insights into how you work best and identify areas where you can improve. By understanding your weaknesses and strengths, you can create a personalized plan to boost your performance in your current role or any future positions.

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Don’t wait to uncover your potential. Start your free Hogan Test online today to gain the insights you need for career success. Our comprehensive and user-friendly test is designed to give you a clear and accurate understanding of your personality traits. Take the first step towards a brighter professional future – start the Hogan test now.

Our free Hogan Test consists of a series of statements for which you will need to rate your agreement on a scale of 1 to 5. The test measures seven primary personality dimensions:

  1. Adjustment: Your ability to handle stress.
  2. Ambition: Your level of competitiveness and leadership orientation.
  3. Sociability: Your need for social interaction.
  4. Interpersonal Sensitivity: Your tact and perceptiveness.
  5. Prudence: Your degree of self-discipline, responsibility, and dependability.
  6. Inquisitiveness: Your level of creativity, curiosity, and imagination.
  7. Learning Approach: Your attitude towards lifelong learning and enjoying academic activities.

Free Sample Questions

Prepare for the Online Hogan assessments by understanding the types of questions that might be asked.

  1. “I thrive in high-stress environments.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree
  2. “I tend to be the life of the party.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree
  3. “I am always meticulous and careful about the details of my work.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree
  4. “I prefer to follow a plan rather than acting spontaneously.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree
  5. “I enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree
  6. “I feel at ease when interacting with people.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree
  7. “I have a strong desire to continually learn and grow.”
    1. Strongly Disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neither Agree nor Disagree
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly Agree

The Hogan assessments have a unique format that you may not be accustomed to. By practicing, you can become familiar with the structure of the test, the types of questions asked, and the pace at which you need to answer them.