USAA Hiring Process

USAA Hiring Process usaa assessment test

Working at USAA can be a rewarding experience for those who are passionate about serving military families and veterans. USAA offers a wide range of job opportunities across its insurance, banking, investment, and retirement products lines of business. Some of the roles available at USAA include:

  1. Customer Service Representative: These employees provide support to USAA customers via phone, email, or live chat.
  2. Claims Specialist: Claims specialists help customers through the claims process for auto, home, and other insurance products.
  3. Financial Advisor: Financial advisors provide financial planning and investment advice to USAA customers.
  4. IT Professional: IT professionals support USAA’s technology infrastructure and help develop and implement new technology solutions.
  5. Marketing Specialist: Marketing specialists develop and execute marketing campaigns to promote USAA products and services.
  6. Operations Specialist: Operations specialists are responsible for supporting USAA’s business processes and ensuring smooth operations.
  7. Data Analyst: Data analysts use data to support business decision-making and drive continuous improvement.

There are many other roles available at USAA, depending on your skills and interests. To find a job that’s right for you, you can search the USAA career website or network with current employees.

Get some insight into the USAAjob interview process and the steps involved, from screening to phone interviews and job offers.

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Hiring Process

The USAA hiring process is known for being thorough and may vary slightly depending on the position you’re applying for. However, there are common steps you can expect as a candidate:

  1. Apply USAA accepts applications through the Online Career Center.
  2. Applicant screening You should complete the assessment before the next step in the process.
  3. Interviews phone interview and a formal interview with a member of the hiring team
  4. Hiring manager screening
  5. Background Check
  6. Offer

Employment Assessment Test Practice

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Search for Jobs at USAA

Career areas/job opportunities

  • Customer Service & Sales Careers
  • Insurance Careers
  • Information Technology Careers
  • Design Careers

Match our jobs to your profile

  • Bank Program/Project Management Senior
  • Audit Manager – AML
  • Compliance Principal – Bank
  • Communications Advisor Lead
  • Risk Management Director – Property & Casualty
  • Associate Actuary
  • Bank Credit Risk Analyst Senior
  • ETL Engineer – Senior Level
  • Business Process Consultant Lead – Deposits
  • Voice Infrastructure Engineer Senior
  • Senior IT Risk Analyst – Enterprise Operational Risk


The interview questions for USAA can vary based on the specific role you are applying for. However, I can provide you with some common interview questions that might be asked during the USAA interview process:

  1. Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
  2. Why are you interested in working at USAA?
  3. What do you know about USAA and its services?
  4. How do your skills and experience align with the requirements of the position?
  5. Can you describe a challenging situation you faced at work and how you handled it?
  6. How do you prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively?
  7. How do you handle and resolve conflicts or disagreements with colleagues?
  8. What is your approach to providing excellent customer service?
  9. How do you stay updated on industry trends and changes?
  10. Can you share an example of a successful project or achievement from your previous job?
  11. How do you handle stressful situations and tight deadlines?
  12. Are you comfortable working in a team environment?
  13. How do you adapt to changes in the workplace or new processes?
  14. Can you explain how you maintain attention to detail in your work?

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Background checks

USAA Background checks are a standard procedure for many employers to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of their organization. The background check process typically includes a review of an applicant’s criminal history, employment history, education verification, and other relevant information.

The specific components of a background check at USAA may vary depending on the position being applied for and the company’s policies. However, it may include the following checks:

  1. Criminal History Check: This involves reviewing an applicant’s criminal records at the county, state, and federal levels to identify any past convictions or legal issues.
  2. Employment History Verification: USAA may verify an applicant’s work history, including past employers, job titles, and dates of employment, to ensure accuracy and honesty in the application.
  3. Education Verification: USAA may verify an applicant’s educational background to ensure the qualifications claimed are valid.
  4. Credit History Check: For certain positions, especially those involving financial responsibilities, a credit history check may be performed to assess an applicant’s financial responsibility and integrity.
  5. Professional References: USAA may contact the provided references to gather additional information about an applicant’s skills, abilities, and work performance.

It’s essential for job applicants to be truthful and accurate in their application materials, as any discrepancies or false information discovered during the background check process can negatively impact their chances of being hired.

USAA Employment Verification

For employment verification, USAA would likely have a process that involves HR or a dedicated team that responds to such inquiries. Typically, verification requests will require the consent of the employee or former employee and would confirm the dates of employment and job title. To obtain employment verification from USAA, the requesting party usually needs to contact the HR department or use an online employment verification service that USAA has partnered with, such as The Work Number.

USAA IT Intern Interview

For an IT intern interview, you can expect questions that assess both your technical skills and your understanding of how technology can be applied in the insurance and financial services industry. Be prepared to discuss:

  • Programming languages you’re familiar with.
  • Any relevant projects or experiences.
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking scenarios.
  • How you work in a team, particularly in an agile/scrum environment.

USAA Phone Interview Questions

Phone interviews are typically the first step in the interview process. Questions may include:

  • Tell me about yourself and why you’re interested in USAA.
  • How does your experience align with the job you are applying for?
  • Describe a challenging situation at work and how you handled it.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why should we hire you over other candidates?

USAA Internships

For internships, USAA will likely look for a mix of academic achievement, relevant skills, and the right fit with the company culture. Interns may be asked about:

  • Their course of study and how it relates to the internship.
  • Situational questions to assess their problem-solving abilities.
  • Their understanding of USAA’s mission and values.
  • Leadership and teamwork experiences.

USAA Customer Service Interview Questions

In a customer service role, the focus will be on your interpersonal skills and ability to handle various customer scenarios. Questions might include:

  • Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a customer.
  • How would you handle a difficult or angry customer?
  • Can you provide an example of how you dealt with a conflict in the workplace?
  • How do you prioritize your tasks?

USAA Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

Claims adjuster candidates will need to demonstrate attention to detail, analytical skills, and empathy. Interview questions may involve:

  • How you would assess a particular claims situation.
  • Your method for managing multiple claims at once.
  • A time when you had to negotiate a resolution.
  • Specifics on regulations or procedures relevant to the position.

USAA Software Engineer Interview Questions

For software engineering positions, expect questions that cover a range of technical subjects as well as your problem-solving approach. These might include:

  • Coding questions or problems to solve on the spot or through a take-home test.
  • Questions about software development life cycle, agile methodologies, and version control.
  • System design questions relevant to USAA’s tech stack.
  • Behavioral questions to determine fit and teamwork capabilities.