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Qatar Airways, a multiple award-winning airline, stands as a symbol of luxury, innovation, and world-class service in the aviation industry. Founded in 1993, the airline has grown exponentially, now serving over 150 destinations across six continents. If you’ve ever dreamed of being part of a cutting-edge team that aims to set global standards, a career at Qatar Airways could be your dream come true. Here, we delve into the avenues for building a career with this renowned airline and explore its comprehensive hiring process.

Career Opportunities at Qatar Airways

Pilots and Cabin Crew

As the backbone of operations, pilots and cabin crew are highly sought after. The airline usually prefers candidates with considerable experience and relevant certifications.

Ground Staff

From check-in agents to baggage handlers, the ground staff plays an integral role in ensuring smooth operations. These roles require excellent customer service skills and a knack for problem-solving.

Corporate Positions

Qatar Airways also offers a variety of roles in its Doha headquarters, including jobs in marketing, finance, HR, and IT.

Engineers and Technicians

Given that the airline boasts one of the youngest and most advanced fleets in the sky, there are plenty of opportunities for engineers and technicians to work on state-of-the-art aircraft.

The Hiring Process

Preliminary Screening

The first step involves submitting your resume and cover letter through the Qatar Airways careers portal. Make sure you tailor your application to fit the job description.


Depending on the role you apply for, you may be required to undergo a series of tests or assessments. For example, pilots often have simulator tests, while corporate positions may require aptitude tests.


After clearing the assessments, the next stage is typically a series of interviews, which may include video interviews for applicants applying from overseas. These interviews can be technical or competency-based and aim to assess if you fit the company culture.

Final Interview and Job Offer

The final interview usually involves senior management or department heads. If you pass all these stages, you’ll receive a job offer, followed by a comprehensive orientation program.

Training Programs

Qatar Airways places significant emphasis on training and development. From elaborate training modules for cabin crew to specialized programs for pilots and engineers, the airline ensures its staff are well-equipped to meet industry standards.

Tips for Success

  1. Research: Know the company’s history, routes, and types of aircraft they operate.
  2. Prepare: Have your credentials, experiences, and answers to potential questions ready.
  3. Dress Professionally: Qatar Airways values professionalism, so dress accordingly for interviews.
  4. Be Yourself: Authenticity can go a long way.

Qatar Airways Assessment Test

The assessment test is an essential part of the hiring process at Qatar Airways for various positions. Whether you’re applying for a role as a pilot, cabin crew, ground staff, or in corporate services, you may be asked to undergo an assessment that is designed to evaluate your skills, aptitude, and suitability for the job. In this article, we’ll discuss what these assessment tests typically involve and offer some tips on how to prepare.

Types of Assessment Tests

Aptitude Tests

These tests are often used for corporate roles and assess quantitative skills, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. The aim is to evaluate your problem-solving abilities and how well you can adapt to new information.

Technical Skills Tests

For positions like aircraft engineers or IT staff, expect to undergo a technical skills test that gauges your level of expertise in the specialized area you’re applying for.

Simulator Tests

For pilot positions, you’ll likely be put through a simulator test to assess your flying capabilities. These tests not only gauge your technical skills but also assess how well you respond to emergency situations and follow procedures.

Customer Service Scenarios

Cabin crew and ground staff applicants may have to participate in role-playing exercises that simulate customer service scenarios. These exercises assess your interpersonal skills, conflict resolution abilities, and adherence to company policies.

Personality Tests

Qatar Airways may administer personality tests to see if your characteristics align with the company’s values and the requirements of the position. These tests are often multiple-choice questions that evaluate traits like leadership, team orientation, and stress management.

Qatar Airways Interview Question

The interview stage is a crucial part of the recruitment process at Qatar Airways, a leading global airline known for its high standards of service and quality. Whether you’re aiming for a role as a pilot, cabin crew member, or a corporate position, it’s essential to prepare diligently for the interview. Below are some commonly asked interview questions, divided by job role, and tips on how to answer them effectively.

General Interview Questions for All Roles

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Tip: Give a concise overview of your educational background, professional experience, and key skills that are relevant to the role you’re applying for.

2. Why do you want to work for Qatar Airways?

Tip: Research the company and highlight specific aspects that align with your career goals, such as the airline’s commitment to innovation and customer service excellence.

3. Describe a challenging situation you faced at work and how you handled it.

Tip: Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answer, showcasing your problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Pilot Roles

4. How do you prepare for a flight?

Tip: Discuss your pre-flight checklist, including inspecting the aircraft, reviewing the flight plan, and coordinating with the cabin crew and air traffic control.

5. Can you explain a particular flight maneuver?

Tip: Use technical terminology and demonstrate deep knowledge of aviation best practices.

Cabin Crew Roles

6. How would you handle an unruly passenger?

Tip: Stress your commitment to safety and customer service, discussing how you would calmly and professionally de-escalate the situation.

7. Why is teamwork important in a cabin crew?

Tip: Talk about the need for smooth coordination among team members to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Corporate Roles

8. How would you approach a marketing campaign for a new flight route?

Tip: Discuss your process for researching market demand, targeting customer segments, and choosing appropriate marketing channels.

9. Describe your experience with financial modeling.

Tip: Give examples from your previous roles and explain how your financial models helped inform business decisions.

Technical Roles (Engineers, IT, etc.)

10. Can you describe a project where you had to solve a complex technical problem?

Tip: Use technical jargon appropriately and talk about the tools and methodologies you employed to solve the problem.

11. How do you stay updated on industry advancements?

Tip: Mention trade journals, online courses, webinars, and other resources you use to stay current in your field.

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