Energy Transfer Partners Assessment

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What should I expect in an assessment interview?
How do you prepare for an assessment interview?
What is the difference between an assessment and an interview?

Hiring Process

What are the steps in the Energy Transfer hiring process?
How long does the hiring process take?
What is the most important step in the hiring process?

  1. Find the job you want to apply for
  2. Apply for the Job
  3. Start your application
  4. Selection process
  5. HR Interview
  6. Pre-employment Assessments
  7. Hiring Manager Interviews
  8. Job Offers

Assessment Test

Almost every company uses tests such as aptitude tests as an additional tool for employee selection.
What you should know before taking your assessment test.
Pre-employment tests are standardized assessments designed to evaluate candidates the tests aren’t that much different from any other test you have taken in your life.
Practice is the key to success the practice will improve your performance and your chance of getting hired.

Start practicing today and increase your chances of getting hired.

Mechanical Aptitude Test and Personality Test

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About The Company

Energy Transfer Partners is a company engaged in natural gas and propane pipeline transport. Is one of America’s largest and most diversified midstream energy companies.
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, United States

Internship programs – There are two internship paths, including Engineering and Business & Finance.


  • The Rover pipeline is a natural gas pipeline currently under construction in the United States.
  • La Grange Acquisition natural gas midstream and transportation operating partnership.
  • Philadelphia Energy Solutions, is the largest and oldest oil refinery on the East Coast.
  • Stripes Stores is a chain of 700+ convenience stores in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.
  • Transwestern Pipeline owns and operates a natural gas transmission system that connects natural gas supplies.
  • ETC Endure Energy focused on wholesale power and crude oil.


Over 500 jobs are available in over 30 states. Make your next career move at Energy Transfer.

  1. Sr Specialist – Environmental
  2. Supervisor – Warehouse
  3. Pipeline Technician
  4. Mechanic
  5. Plant Operator
  6. Supervisor – Compressor Maintenance
  7. Measurement Technician – Liquids
  8. Senior Manager – LTO E&I Engineering
  9. Equipment Technician
  10. Manager – Crude Pipeline Revenue Acctng
  11. Gas Controller
  12. Terminal Operator