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Everything You Need to Know About The Southwest Airlines Hiring Process

Working as a pilot or a cabin crew member is many people’s dreams come true. However, these prestigious positions are not handed out easily. The hiring process can be strenuous, and there are lots of pre-employment examinations between you and an amazing airline job.

The Hiring Process for Flight Attendants

  • Apply for the position and ensure you meet the minimum qualifications
  • Pass pre-employment assessments
  • Complete any required interviews (phone, in-person, skype, etc.)
  • Pass a physical evaluation and in-person training

The Hiring Process for Pilots

  • Submit your resume and CV online or through a recruiter
  • Pass a series of pre-employment testing
  • Complete a face-to-face interview
  • Complete more in-person testing
  • Pass a simulation test – southwest pilot assessment
  • Pass all background and referral checks

Southwest Airlines Pre-employment Tests for Pilots

Pre-employment testing for pilots comes in multiple stages. Some tests – mechanical aptitude, spatial reasoning, and numerical reasoning – are given early in the hiring process. If they are passed, there is additional, airline-specific testing issued at a later time which will also include a flight simulation.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Mechanical aptitude tests are intended to show the general mechanical understanding and potential of the test taker. The multiple-choice exam will help hirers learn how well the testee understands abstract, mechanical issues.

Someone who scores well on this test is capable of learning new mechanical equipment, maintaining it, repairing it, and much more.

Spatial Reasoning Test

Spatial reasoning tests focus on a test taker’s ability to view 3D objects and mentally manipulate them. These tests often involve depictions of 3D objects, in series or alone, and the test-taker must answer questions regarding those illustrations.

The questions may ask you to visualize and complete a pattern, determine how an object would look after manipulation, identify the unfolded version of an object, etc. 

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are mathematical exams, but they don’t focus on algebraic skills. Instead, the test looks at your ability to view numbers in the text, charts, and graphs and use the information to solve problems.

There is a large focus on speed and accuracy in these tests, which is why many of them are timed.

Southwest Airlines Pre-Employment Tests for Flight Attendants

Flight attendant pre-employment testing focuses heavily on personality and the ability to react appropriately in high-pressure situations. However, there is one specific pre-employment assessment that is a bit more complicated – the Logical Reasoning assessment.

Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgement test focuses on your ability to react appropriately in scenarios that may happen in your work life. The scenarios presented in this test will likely be catered to cabin crew life, and your answers will show whether your temperament is appropriate for the position.

Personality Test

The personality test looks at pieces of your personality beyond your general temperament and reactive behavior. This test looks at things like your extrovertedness, empathy, confidence, and other traits that can make you a great flight attendant.

Logical Reasoning Assessment

The logical reasoning assessment is often considered the most difficult test for flight attendants. This exam is filled with abstract illustrations and patterns from which you must determine the answer to a series of multiple-choice questions. Though no math or heavy reading is involved, some algebraic and reading comprehension skills will be necessary to do well on this exam.

How to Prepare for the Southwest Airlines Hiring Process

There are a lot of exams coming your way during your Southwest Airlines hiring journey. It is important that you don’t let one of these tests keep you from your dream job! Check out our cabin crew and pilot assessment prep materials to get yourself prepared and confident for your testing day!

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