Qualcomm Assessment Test

Qualcomm Assessment Test Practice

The hiring process at Qualcomm varies by position and usually takes several weeks from start to finish due to the drug testing and background.

To apply, you need to create an application profile. You will be required to upload your CV and any other supporting documentation – so make sure your information is up to date.

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Hiring Process

It is important to note that the hiring process may vary for different positions and locations within Qualcomm. The company maintains a commitment to equal employment opportunity and may adapt its process to suit specific roles or circumstances.

What are the steps in your hiring process?

  1. Application: You begin by submitting an application for a position that interests you on the Qualcomm website or a job posting site.
  2. Screening: If your resume matches the job requirements, a recruiter may reach out to you for an initial screening, which could be a phone call or video interview. This conversation usually covers your background, interests, and experience. They may also ask basic technical questions depending on the role.
  3. Technical Interview: If you pass the screening stage, you’ll move on to the technical interview. This could be one or more rounds and involve problem-solving questions, coding exercises, or technical discussion relevant to the job. For engineering roles, expect questions on data structures, algorithms, and possibly system design for higher-level positions. The languages and technologies will be those relevant to the role.
  4. Onsite Interview: Successful candidates are usually invited to an onsite interview. This could involve several back-to-back interviews with team members and managers. It’s a mix of technical and behavioral questions. They’ll be assessing your technical skills in-depth and also whether you’re a good fit for the team and company culture.
  5. Offer: If all goes well in the interviews, the next step would be a job offer. This offer will detail the terms of employment like salary, benefits, and start date. Once you accept, there may be a background check before everything is finalized.

The Assessment Test may change significantly depending on the role you are seeking and the teams with whom you are meeting.

About The Company

Qualcomm is an American multinational corporation. It creates semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology.
Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States


  • Qualcomm Atheros is a developer of semiconductor chips for network communications, particularly wireless chipsets.
  • Nuvia develops processors intended to create high-performance silicon designs for a compute-intensive world.
  • SiRF Technology pioneered the commercial use of GPS technology for consumer applications.
  • Nphase The company’s line of business includes providing communication services.
  • SnapTrack was a Silicon Valley technology startup that invented and sold a GPS-based location technology for cell phones.
  • Airgo Networks, is a Palo Alto, California-based company specializing in the development of multiple-input multiple-output wireless technology.
  • iSkoot Software Company
  • Stonestreet One was a software company specializing in Bluetooth software solutions.
  • Airgo Software Company
  • Pixtronix is a technology company that develops display technologies optimized for multimedia devices.
  • Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH System software company
  • Augmented Pixels has developed augmented reality products that can be used to increase sales in a variety of business sectors.
  • Wilocity was a fabless semiconductor company based in California founded in 2007, developing 60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets for both the mobile computing platform and peripheral markets.


Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional looking for new opportunities, Qualcomm offers an exciting platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of wireless technology. To explore and apply for job opportunities at Qualcomm, follow these steps:

  1. Windows Test Automation Engineer
  2. Camera Software Engineer
  3. Sales Operations Analyst, Manager
  4. Director of Product Management
  5. Financial Analyst, Senior
  6. Senior Hardware Design Engineer
  7. Director, Human Resources Business Partner
  8. Senior C++ Developer/Engineer
  9. Machine Learning ASIC IP Verification Engineer (Staff, Senior Staff or Principal)
  10. Product Security Lead Engineer
  11. Director of Product Management and Business Development
  12. Summer Intern for Audio ASIC
  13. Business Internships (Finance & Accounting)
  14. Engineer – Performance, Windows Snapdragon


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