Online Whirlpool Aptitude Questions

Whirlpool is a highly renowned company with employees from across the globe. Their highly sought career openings are filled quickly by those with a great grasp of their hiring standards and pre-employment assessments. If you are after one of Whirlpool open positions, read on for important information that can help you achieve your goal.

Hiring Process at Whirlpool

The journey to employment at “Whirlpool” includes a few important milestones for which you should thoroughly prepare.

  • Application/ Resume
  • Pre-Interview
  • Pre-employment Testing
  • Background and Drug Screening
  • Final Interview

The first step to being chosen for the job of your choice is to submit a thorough, up-to-date, and applicable application and resume.

Your application should include accurate information that is free of any spelling errors or typos. Similarly, your resume should be equally as accurate, but catered to the specific job.

The pre-interview stage usually involves a phone or video interview and allows the recruiting agent to confirm information found on your application.

If your pre-interview goes smoothly, you will likely be scheduled to take your pre-employment testing. Passing all offered assessments is a requirement for moving toward background checks and the final interview.

Pre-Employment Testing at Whirlpool

One of the most important aspects of the hiring process is pre-employment evaluations. These assessments allow the hiring manager to see if you have the appropriate job skills and personality for a position with Whirlpool.

The main test utilized for new employees at Whirlpool is the Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment (GIA).

This exam consists of 5 testing areas:

  1. Perceptual Speed
  2. Reasoning
  3. Number Speed and Accuracy
  4. Spatial Visualization
  5. Word Meaning

Your perceptual Speed is tested by asking you to determine errors in written text as quickly and accurately as you can.

Your reasoning is tested by showing you a set of written scenarios or rules and asking you to draw an accurate conclusion from the provided information. This section is made more difficult by removing the written prompt from your screen when showing you the multiple-choice options.

Number speed and accuracy are important for many tasks at Whirlpool and are tested thoroughly on this section of the GIA.  You will be asked to quickly identify a number based on its proximity to other numbers in a series. This section involves very basic mathematical skills, but you are scored on overall time and accuracy.

The spatial visualization section of the Thomas International GIA  is similar to many mechanical aptitude tests in that it involves using your mental visualization and perception to decipher similarities between visual objects. You will be shown a series of matrices containing two shapes. You must identify which of the matrices have exactly matching shape pairs as quickly as you can.

Your knowledge of word meanings is tested by asking you to identify synonyms and antonyms of moderately complex or obscure words. You will need to have a decent grasp of reading context through suffixes and prefixes to answer some of these questions.

You will need to practice the following tests.

Mechanical Assessment TestWonderlic testSHL-Style TestsPersonality Test

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances

How to Prepare for WhirlpoolPre-Employment Test

The best way to prepare for the Thomas International GIA or any other assessment requested of the hiring professionals as Company is to utilize a professionally crafted preparation packet. Our test prep bundles are made to help you actually learn the material needed to pass your test so you can show up to your test confident in your skills.

Sample Questions

Here are examples of the types of questions that might be found in Whirlpool’s aptitude tests:

Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

You are a supervisor at Whirlpool and overhear two employees arguing over a project. How would you handle the situation?

A) Ignore it and hope they resolve it on their own. B) Send an email to your manager explaining the situation. C) Step in immediately and facilitate a discussion to resolve the conflict. D) Write up both employees for inappropriate behavior.

Personality Test

How do you handle deadlines in a demanding project at Whirlpool?

A) You meticulously plan every step in advance. B) You wait until the last moment but always manage to get things done. C) You delegate most of the work to other team members. D) You request extensions as needed.

Logical Reasoning

If all Whirlpool refrigerators come with a 10-year warranty, and Product X is a Whirlpool refrigerator, does Product X come with a 10-year warranty?

A) Yes B) No

Numerical Reasoning

If a Whirlpool manufacturing plant produces 400 washing machines per day, how many washing machines are produced in a 5-day workweek?

A) 800 B) 1600 C) 2000 D) 2400

Verbal Reasoning

Which of the following words is most closely associated with “innovation,” a core value at Whirlpool?

A) Tradition B) Imitation C) Creativity D) Repetition