Pre-Employment Testing at WestRock

WestRock is a world-renowned company with thousands of employees from across the globe. Their highly sought-after career openings are always filled very quickly by those who have a great understanding of their hiring standards and pre-employment assessments.

If you are looking to get hired by WestRock, then read on for important information that can help you to achieve your goal!

Hiring Process at WestRock

The journey to being hired by WestRock includes a few important milestones which you should be prepared for!

  1. Application/ Resume
  2. Pre-Interview
  3. Pre-Employment Testing
  4. Background and Drug Screening
  5. Final Interview

The first step to being chosen for any job is to submit a thorough, up-to-date applicable application and resume. Your application should include accurate information that does not have any spelling errors or typos. Your resume should also be accurate and catered to the specific job.

The pre-interview stage will normally involve a phone or video interview and allows the recruiting agent to confirm all information that is found on your application.

If your pre-interview process goes well, you will be scheduled to take your pre-employment test. Passing all of the offered assessments is a requirement in order to move forward to the background checks and final interview stage.

Pre-Employment Testing at WestRock

One of the most important aspects of the hiring process is the pre-employment evaluation. These assessments allow the hiring team to see if you have the appropriate skills and personality for the position with WestRock.

The main tests which are used by all hiring teams at all different companies are the following:

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The Perceptual Speed test involves you determining errors in a written test as quickly and as accurately as you can.

Your Reasoning is tested by showing you a specific set of written scenarios and rules and then asking you to draw an accurate conclusion from all of the information provided. This section can also be made more difficult by removing the written prompt from your screen when you are given multiple-choice options.

Number speed and accuracy are important as many different tasks at WestRock. In this test, you will be asked to quickly identify a number based on its proximity to others in a series of numbers. It involves basic math skills, but you are scored on your overall time and accuracy.

The Spatial Visualisation section is similar to many other mechanical aptitude tests through the way in which it involves you using your mental visualization and perception to decipher the similarities between two different visual objects.

Your knowledge of Word Meanings is tested by asking you to identify different synonyms and antonyms of obscure words. You will need to ensure that you have a decent grasp of reading contexts and the suffixes and prefixes of different words for this test.


Join a team that values differences.

  1. Vibration Analyst
  2. Quality Assurance Tech
  3. Production Position
  4. Press Operator – 2nd Shift
  5. Maintenance Electrical Tech
  6. CS Account Supervisor
  7. Packer Feeder
  8. Third Shift Finishing Processor
  9. Maintenance Technician
  10. Customer Service Supervisor
  11. CDL Driver Class A

About The Company

WestRock is an American corrugated packaging company. WestRock is the 2nd largest American packaging company.
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Number of employees: 51,100


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  • Preflex
  • Solvay Paperboard
  • Southern Container solves complex packaging and supply chain needs.
  • UBS Printing Group is a specialty printing and packaging company that manufactures high-impact cartons.
  • A.G. Industries
  • WRK Luxembourg

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