Thomas International GIA Test

The Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment Overview

The Thomas International GIA is a pre-employment test that many US workers are familiar with. This is because Thomas International is a hugely prevalent talent acquisition company that has been around for nearly 40 years and hundreds of businesses use their test. They focus on helping companies hire employees that have real potential in their field and natural intelligence that will aid these companies growth.

What Does the Thomas International GIA Look Like?

The General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) focuses on abstract reasoning and fluid intelligence – the ability to solve new and unfamiliar problems through the natural ability to think logically.

The test is approximately 40 minutes long and covers the following subjects:

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Word Meanings
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • General Reasoning
  • Perceptual Speed

The questions will be framed in a few ways. Some are verbal descriptions of scenarios from which you must solve multiple-choice questions. Others are visual depictions of geometric puzzles and patterns you will need to solve.

How is the Thomas GIA Scored?

Your test score will be determined by the answers you get correct, as well as an evaluation of how quickly you managed to answer the questions. This score is then compared to the scores and speeds of other test takers, known as the “control group.” This will show if your score is lower, higher, or average compared to this group.

This makes scoring relative to your position among the control group, but the scale is still 0-100 percent. This means that 100% is a perfect score, which would make your comparison to the control group nearly irrelevant. However, the control group is important for those who score lower.

This is because a score of 50% without a control group is a failing score. However, if the control group also scores an average of 50%, your score will look much better to the hiring managers at your potential place of employment.

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What Happens if I Fail the Thomas International GIA?

Preparation for the GIA is key to your success. This is because a failing score is not grounds for a test retake. In fact, there are very few reasons you will be permitted to retake or reschedule your exam.

Still, failing the GIA is subjective to the company at which you’ve applied. If you don’t get a passing score for one location, you can still get a passing score at another because you may be testing against a different control group.

How to Prepare for the Thomas International GIA

Passing your GIA will take a mix of knowledge, time management, and testing skills. At Next-Interview, we can provide you with the information and practice materials you need to ensure you are prepared for your test.

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