World Fuel Services Assessment


The process of being hired at World Fuel Services is usually broken down into simple steps for you to follow. These can be found on your World Fuel Services website, this information is readily available to help you further with your application. Typically, with the hiring process, you will go through several different steps to be hired successfully.

World Fuel Services Hiring Process

a) Online application form
During this step, you will complete a basic online application form. This will detail your personal details as well as your employment records from all of your previous roles in order for the company to gain a better understanding of your experience. During this form, please remember to read all of the instructions clearly and carefully, taking your time to check important things such as your spelling and grammar.
b) Assessment Tests
You will then be required to complete the companies’ Assessment Tests. These are detailed below.
c) Interview
This is when interviews will be conducted, these will usually be in person, by phone, or via a video chat. This interview is the chance for you to tell the company why you think you would be the best person for the role, as well as mention any background research you have done into the company itself, as this always impresses the interview panel.
d) Conditional Job Offer
If you are successful, you will then receive what is known as a conditional job offer, this means that you will have a few other checks to pass, provided you pass these, you will have then been successful in your application!

World Fuel Services Assessment Tests

a) Basic Maths
During the basic test portion of the application, you can expect to answer logic and mathematical-based questions, these would be specific to the role you’re applying for. For example, if applying for a sales position, you would be expected to be able to answer questions regarding the maths behind different sales figures and why it is relevant to your position.
b) Numerical Reasoning & Sales
You may be required to read and interpret data in your position. The information may be presented to you in the form of charts, graphs, or tables, you will then be expected to provide answers based on the data that is given.
c) Verbal Reasoning
In any role, you will need to excel at communication. The verbal reasoning section of your test will explore your English language skills. You may be required to read a paragraph/statement and answer questions that are based on that text.
d) Logical Reasoning
e) Situational Judgement Test
f) Personality Test
g) Mechanical Reasoning

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How to prepare

To prepare for your interview process to begin, you should begin to gather all of your personal information. This also includes doing background research on your World Fuel Services to ensure you have all of the relevant information that you may need if/when it gets to the interview phase of your selection process.