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Verbal reasoning tests can cover a wide range of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, and reasoning. The questions may ask the candidate to identify the main idea of a passage, make inferences based on written information, or draw conclusions based on the evidence presented in the text..

Verbal Reasoning Tests (VRTs) are one of the most common psychometrical evaluations conducted by companies in their pre-selection process. They are very popular within administrative and managerial level roles (e.g., Sales Representative, Account Executive, Managing Director).

Note that your ability to extract a correct meaning from complex information quickly is one of the critical requirements to perform well in almost every job.

Thus, it has become increasingly popular for employers to use Verbal Reasoning Tests to ensure they are hiring the right candidates. Moreover, multinational companies usually use VRTs as a way of assessing a person’s language proficiency.

Generally, Verbal Reasoning Tests assess skills within different types of reasoning. As a result, the future employer can predict the abilities that a person has to perform certain tasks by evaluating specific knowledge of the field of action.

Thus, expect a series of questions that assess your ability to understand and express concepts through words, both in oral and in writing.

Furthermore, items include exercises in spelling, definitions, use of synonyms or antonyms, analogies, vocabulary, oral comprehension, and completion of incomplete sentences.

Like with any standardized test such as the GRE, SATs, or GMAT, you should carefully study the vocabulary ⁠— especially terms that are related to synonyms and antonyms.

Here, if where candidates have the hardest time. As for the spelling section, the candidate should have extensive knowledge of rules ⁠— paying particular attention to monosyllabic words and oral accentuation.

Online Verbal Reasoning practice test

Similar to other kinds of tests mentioned above, the verbal reasoning evaluation will typically consist of:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • True or false statements
  • Passages and stories
  • Drafting and writing sections
  • Short answers

Additionally, you may encounter a ‘listening section’ in which applicants are required to listen to a brief tale or story and then answer a few questions based on the audio presented. 000000000

There are a few essential things to keep in mind before taking these types of aptitude tests. Therefore, always remember that VRTs:

  • Do not have a passing or failing score.
  • Require you to read and follow instructions carefully.
  • They are almost always timed, taking anything between 1-3 hours.

The final score depends on the following:

  1. The number of questions you can answer within the timeframe.
  2. The number of items you answer correctly. 

The best way to excel in Verbal Reasoning Tests is to practice, practice, practice! Consequently, you should efficiently prepare by taking sample tests, studying terms, timing yourself while you answer, and doing a bit of research before taking the final examination.

Your success depends on your ability to understand the presented information and follow instructions. As always, be confident and put your best self forward! N

Verbal Reasoning Tests Sample Questions And Answers

Almost a week after news broke that contractors working for Apple had access to intimate and personal Siri recordings — a practice of quality control known as “grading” — the company said late Thursday that it would halt the practice.

Apple has maintained that only a tiny fraction — less than 1 percent — of Siri voice recordings are actually heard by human workers, and each recording is usually only a few seconds long.

The “grading” procedure is common among other tech firms, including Google and Amazon, that have similar voice assistants.

Source: Cyrus Farivar- NBC News – August 2, 2019 (

Sample Question 1

The companies have issues with “grading” practices from their voice assistants.

A) True

B) False

C) Cannot Say

Sample Question 2

“Grading” will continue because people consented to be recorded when they bought their voice assistant devices

A) True

B) False

C) Cannot Say

Answer For Verbal Reasoning Tests

Question 1 – A

Question 2 – B


Online Verbal Reasoning practice test