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Kohl's On-Person interview question

You’ve landed an interview with Kohl’s. You know the job is perfect for you, but you’re nervous about the interview process.

Kohl’s offers a variety of job opportunities across different areas. Here’s an overview of some key job categories and what they involve:

  1. Store Jobs: These positions are crucial as they represent the face of Kohl’s to customers. Employees in store jobs are responsible for creating a positive shopping experience and are expected to be enthusiastic and motivated​​.
  2. Distribution Jobs: These roles involve working alongside machinery and conveyors to pick, pack, and ship merchandise. This area is essential for the efficient operation of Kohl’s supply chain, ensuring that products are distributed to stores and customers efficiently​​.
  3. Corporate Jobs: Kohl’s corporate sector offers various roles, including:
    • Buying, Planning & Purchasing: Involves decision-making on what products to stock and how to display them.
    • Business Operations: Ensures smooth running of various business processes.
    • Strategy & Business Development: Focuses on long-term strategies and business growth.
    • Child Development Centers: Involves roles related to the operation and management of facilities for child development.
    • Credit & Customer Service: Encompasses roles related to customer credit facilities and overall customer service.
    • Finance & Accounting: Deals with financial management and accounting tasks.
    • Human Resources: Involves managing employee-related processes.
    • Technology: Focuses on technological advancements and IT support.
    • Legal, Risk & Sustainability: Involves handling legal matters, risk management, and sustainability initiatives.
    • Corporate Loss Prevention: Ensures the safety and security of corporate assets​​.
  4. Other areas include Early Talent, Seasonal, Sephora, and Remote jobs, each offering unique opportunities tailored to different skill sets and career stages

The Hiring Process

Here are some details on what to expect from the hiring process:

  1. Job Application Process:
    • Start by visiting the Kohl’s careers website (kohlscareers.com).
    • Search for the position you’re interested in.
    • The website lists various job roles; select your preferred role.
    • Click on the job title to read its description and requirements.
    • At the bottom of the page, click “Apply Now” and follow subsequent instructions​​.
  2. Assessment Test (if applicable):
    • While not an official part of the process, Kohl’s may conduct an assessment test or screening for applicants.
    • You’ll be notified to participate in any necessary screening process before proceeding further in the hiring process​​.
  3. Interview Process:
    • The interview process at Kohl’s varies based on the role.
    • Interviews are often conducted by the hiring manager and focus on your approach to the role, your fit for the position, and your reactions to certain situations that may arise in your department

About The Company

Kohl’s is an American department store retail chain operated by Kohl’s Corporation.
Headquarters: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States


Once your application is reviewed and you’re selected, you’ll be invited for an interview. This is a critical stage where you can discuss your goals, experiences, and what interests you in working at Kohl’s​​. The interview process usually begins with a phone interview to screen candidates. If successful, you’ll be invited for an in-person interview with a manager, where you’ll be asked standard behavioral and situational questions. The process may also include group interviews and technical rounds for specific positions.​

Here are some common questions you might encounter:

  1. Situational Question: “If a card processing machine went down while you were handling a transaction, what would you do?” – This question assesses your problem-solving skills and ability to maintain a positive customer experience under pressure​​.
  2. Role-Specific Question: “Do you feel comfortable promoting the Kohl’s card?” – This question is relevant for roles involving customer transactions and assesses your comfort level with promoting store-specific products​​.
  3. Customer Interaction Question: “What do you do to ensure you make a positive impression on a customer as they enter the store?” – This question is about customer engagement and creating a welcoming atmosphere in the store​

Open Positions

Kohl’s wants you to grow professionally and personally, so we offer empowerment and potential in an environment that makes you feel at home.

Veterans & Military – The company offers roles that require the unique skills, values, and work ethic you acquired while in the armed forces.

  • Stockroom Operations Lead
  • Full-Time Sales Lead
  • Full-Time Store Support Lead
  • Part-Time Beauty Associate
  • Full-Time Sales Supervisor
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer – Remote Opportunity
  • Loss Prevention Supervisor
  • Stockroom Operations Associate

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