Worley Hiring Process


With a focus on energy, chemicals, and resources, Worley is hell-bent on building a sustainable world while partnering to develop the most complex projects.

They have over 48,000 people working for them on 25,000 current projects and active in 49 countries. If you’re interested in saving the world, then come along for the ride at Worley.

Company Hiring Process

The hiring process, as usual, starts with an application. This is done online, and you must apply based on what continent you are or hope to work in. Note that Worley doesn’t accept unsolicited resumes from agencies, so it’s best to follow instructions on the site and apply directly for roles you’re qualified for.

The process may take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months and typically involves a background check, phone and physical interview, and medical examination.

Depending on what role you’ve applied for, you might be required to attend certain events or training sessions as part of the hiring process. There’ll also be a background check and medical examination, aptitude tests, and multiple interviews.

Worley Assessment Tests

Usually, you are required to take an IQ test and/or aptitude test, after which you will take two interviews- the first is the behavioural, and the other is technical.

  • The IQ test essentially tests your general intelligence, as opposed to the aptitude test, which focuses on specific testing.
  • The aptitude test is any of a number of ways to test your skills and abilities to handle work situations. They could be any of the following: quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, psychometric, and/or situational.

Company Interview

Depending on the country, your interview could be done online and/or in person. The questions are mostly technical to test your skills, but you’ll also be asked things like availability to travel, how many hours you’d devote to working daily – they usually prefer longer hours like 50 hours a week, background and experience, leadership skills, etc.


Early careers – as a graduate, you will receive the freedom and flexibility to direct your career paths.

Start your career with Worley:

  • Trainee Instrumentation Designer
  • Graduate Engineer
  • Pipelines Engineer Level I
  • Project Controls Specialist II
  • Senior Corporate Recruiter
  • Onshore Pipelines Engineer Level I