Caliper Test

The Caliper Test: What is It and How Do You Prepare for It?

The Caliper Test sometimes referred to as the Caliper Profile, is a pre-employment assessment that gauges a person’s personality traits and skills as a way to predict their future job performance. This exam is issued by over 65 thousand companies and has been taken over 4.5 million times.

If you are facing the Caliper Test, we’ve got the info you need to prepare thoroughly.

How The Caliper Test Works

The Caliper Profile is based on their validated job models, which set a specific target for the person being tested. This means that if you are applying for a position in sales, your score requirements and targets will differ greatly from someone applying for a data entry position.

The test results are given as a “competency overview” where your skills are scored in multiple areas (critical competencies, important competencies, supporting competencies) and color-coded to denote how well you performed in each.

What Does the Caliper Test Look Like?

This pre-employment test includes 98 questions that are divided over a series of sections, including two personality questionnaires, a cognitive assessment, and a full-on personality test. There is no time limit to complete the exam, but the average testing time is around one hour.

Since your score is determined by the answers given, it is vital that you do not skip any questions.

The Personality Questionnaires will provide you with theoretical situations or personality traits, and you simply choose whether you relate to the item or not. The personality assessment is a little more in-depth. It lays out intricate scenarios with a multitude of hypothetical responses from which you must choose how you would most likely react.

The cognitive assessment will utilize patterns, number series, and visual puzzles to assess your ability to problem-solve and use logic. This is considered the most difficult section for some test-takers, so be sure to prepare properly.

Caliper Test Quick Facts

  • There are 98 questions with no time limit.
  • Your score is not passing/fail, but a sliding gauge of skills companies can compare to other applicants.
  • You will not need a calculator or any other calculation tool for the test.
  • You will not be presented with your score; it is sent directly to the employer.
  • There are four sections: personality questionnaire 1, personality questionnaire 2, cognitive assessment, and personality assessment.
  • Using practice tests and study guides is the best way to improve your scoring potential.

How to Best Prepare for the Caliper Test, aka The Caliper Profile

The most important thing you can do to boost your chances of landing a great job is thoroughly prepare for your pre-employment assessments. Whether your test is mostly personality-based, like the Caliper, or involves the need for strong math and science skills, you can give yourself a sharp edge over the competition with a little practice.

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Caliper Test Examples

Multiple choice behavioural questions.

Caliper cognitive test

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