BJC Healthcare Assessment Test and Interview Practice

BJC Healthcare Assessment Test and Interview Practice

Interviewing is a crucial stage in the process of selecting employees. Through the interview, the employer can evaluate whether the candidate is the right fit for the position, ultimately influencing their selection decision.

Improve your chances of passing the hiring process and interview.

  • How do I pass a pre-employment assessment test?
  • How do you know if you passed the interview?
  • What should I expect in an employment assessment test?

The interview process

The Recruitment and Selection Process at BJC Healthcare is a meticulously crafted system designed to attract, assess, and hire individuals who are well-suited for various healthcare roles within the organization. This procedure commences with the identification of staffing needs, followed by the creation of precise job descriptions that detail the requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications necessary for each position.

  1. Application Submission: Candidates usually begin by submitting their application online, along with their resume and any relevant certifications or licenses.
  2. Initial Screening: HR recruiters or hiring managers may conduct an initial screening, often over the phone or through a video call, to assess the candidate’s basic qualifications and interest in the position.
  3. First-Round Interview: This could be a more in-depth phone or video interview to evaluate the candidate’s technical knowledge, experience, and alignment with the organization’s values.
  4. Assessment Tests: Depending on the role, candidates might be required to complete specific assessment tests related to clinical skills, problem-solving abilities, or other relevant competencies.
  5. In-Person Interviews: These could involve meeting with various team members, including potential peers, supervisors, and managers. In-person interviews allow for a more comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s fit within the team and the organization.
  6. Final Interview: Some positions might have a final round, where candidates meet with higher-level executives or participate in a panel interview.
  7. Offer: Successful candidates will receive a job offer, detailing terms of employment, salary, benefits, etc.
  8. Background Check: A background check to verify the candidate’s qualifications, certifications, and possibly a criminal record might follow the job offer.
  9. Onboarding: Once all the above stages are successfully completed, candidates will go through an onboarding process to become acquainted with the organization and its policies.

Pre-Employment Assessment Test Practice

The assessment test is similar to a regular job interview but focuses more directly on your personality.

Preparing for your pre-employment screening

 Aptitude testSJT test, Hogan Personality test

About BJC HealthCare

BJC HealthCare is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the United States.
Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, United States


  • Parkland Health Center, Farmington Community, offers a full continuum of inpatient medical-surgical.
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital is the largest hospital in the U.S. state of Missouri. Located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, it is the adult teaching hospital for the Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Boone Hospital Center
  • Memorial Hospital Belleville provides patients with dedicated service and compassionate care.
  • Christian Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Progress West Healthcare Center provides emergency care for adults and children.

BJC HealthCare jobs

Jobs and career opportunities: nursing jobs, search allied health jobs, search professional jobs, search support services jobs.

  1. Surgical Technologist- Non-Heart
  2. Sterile Processing Tech – Sourcing Position
  3. Patient Care Supervisor
  4. Med/Surg/Tele Patient Care Technician
  5. Graduate Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Full and Part-time
  6. Emergency Room Patient Care Technician – Full Time
  7. Nursing Flex Pool Registered Nurse – Per Diem
  8. Part-time Staff Hospice Nurse Illinois
  9. Housekeeper
  10. Interventional Radiology Registered Nurse
  11. Surgical Services Nurse Practitioner First Assistant

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