Suncor Energy Assessment Test

Ready to build your career at Suncor? Unsure about what to expect during the application process?

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  • What should I expect in an employment assessment test?
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Hiring Process

Recruitment Process at Suncor Energy:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Resume Review Process
  3. Digital Video Interview
  4. Assessment
  5. Background Checks
  6. Offer

Assessment Teat

if you don’t meet the assessment requirement, you will not move forward in the process.

The assessment test includes several types of tests:

You can familiarize yourself with the particulars of the exam through the preparation pack.

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About The Company

Suncor Energy is Canadian integrated energy It specializes in producing synthetic crude from oil sands.
Headquarters: Calgary, Canada


  • Petro-Canada is a retail and wholesale marketing brand subsidiary of Suncor Energy.
  • Fort Hills Energy is an open-pit truck and shovel mine.
  • Canadian Oil Sands was a Canadian company that generated income from its oil sands investment in the Syncrude Joint Venture.
  • PC Financial Partnership operates as a special-purpose vehicle
  • ParaChem Chemicals
  • Amerada Hess Canada
  • Petro-Canada Lubricants has researched, developed, and produced world-class lubricants, specialty fluids, and greases.


Suncor offers two types of entry-level apprenticeships: Internal Apprenticeship Program and Community Careers Co-operative.

Current Suncor opportunities:

  • Student, Engineering
  • Reliability Manager, Mining Solutions, Digital Transformation
  • Team Lead, Turnaround Planning
  • Operator Governance Coordinator
  • Mine Operations Shift Clerk
  • Engineer, Process Safety Management
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mining Student
  • Senior Greenhouse Gas Analyst, Environmental Commodities
  • Senior Reliability Engineer
  • Pump Mechanic
  • Senior Automation Engineer