Preparing for the Interview at Oracle

Oracle assessment test

Steps You Need to Take to Get a Job at ORACLE

The selection procedure at ORACLE involves several tests and interviews. The company requires prospective workers to take various tests before hiring them.

Among these examinations are personality tests, SJTs, verbal communication exams, and numeracy tests. The evaluation exams must be completed before you may prepare for the interview. 

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Preparing for the Interview

What do you think about ORACLE? Do you need to make any preparations for the interview?

The secret to getting a job is ensuring you are well-prepared for the interview. Making a plan will help you feel a lot more in control.

Ask yourself the following questions before you come to the interview:

  1. Research the company and Oracle culture.
  2. Practice your answers to common interview questions -It is recommended to do this together with a friend.
  3. Study the job description.
  4. Answer questions using the STAR method and video examples.
  5. Recruit a friend to practice answering questions.
  6. Be prepared with examples of your experience.
  7. Plan your interview attire the night before.

The Assessment Test

The topic you need to prepare for before the online test you take.

Mathematical – On the numerical reasoning test, you will often be given a predetermined amount of time to answer questions based on the information presented in statistical tables.

SJT – In a situational judgment test (SJT), situational stress test (SST), or situational inventory, the person being tested is required to choose the response that is most suitable to hypothetical scenarios that are based on real-world occurrences.

Personality – Employers use pre-employment personality tests to evaluate a candidate’s behavior and personality. Assessments of personality examine motives, communication preferences, and working methods.

Logical Reasoning – This pre-employment test assesses a candidate’s capacity for problem-solving through logical reasoning (inductive and deductive).

The Job Interview Process

The phone interview is the first one. This initial interview and whether or not you pass the test exams determine your eligibility to work at ORACLE. Your professional accomplishments could also be discussed in the first interview.

If you are hired by ORACLE after this interview, you will take an online test to assess your ability to work with others and your performance in the workplace. You will receive an invitation to the final interview if you perform well on the test.

A director can discuss your credentials with you during a face-to-face interview. Because you can bring up the position during the interview, prepare your inquiries and responses beforehand.

This interview can help you land the job.

How to Prepare for the Assessment Tests

An entry-level employee’s cognitive capabilities and command of fundamental skills are identified and evaluated using pre-employment screening tools.

You may be confident that you will pass the test if you use the instruments and tests created to evaluate candidates’ suitability for employment at ORACLE.

Best Tips for Passing the Assessment Test

Regular test-taking improves test-taking speed, identifies your areas of weakness and enables you to enhance them, and helps you get comfortable with themes and question types. 

You should be familiar with the format of the recruiting test to prepare properly. 

Additionally, pay close attention to the test instructions. It’s crucial to manage your time, so practice slowly.

So that you have time for the more challenging questions, start with the easier ones.

About The Company

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation.
Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States


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