Hiring Process in Dura Automotive Systems

Hiring Process in Dura Automotive Systems

An interview at Dura Automotive Systems, a leading supplier of automotive systems, is likely to focus on your experience and qualifications relevant to the position you are applying for. Here are some topics that may be covered in an interview at Dura:

  1. Technical knowledge: Discuss your knowledge of the automotive industry and relevant technologies, including your experience with design, engineering, and manufacturing processes.
  2. Problem-solving skills: Describe a challenging problem you faced and how you approached solving it.
  3. Project management experience: Discuss any experience you have leading or managing projects and how you prioritize tasks and handle multiple responsibilities.
  4. Collaboration and teamwork: Explain how you work with others in a team and handle conflicts with coworkers.
  5. Continuous improvement: Discuss your experience with continuous improvement initiatives and how you approach making changes and implementing new processes.
  6. Customer focus: Describe your experience working with customers and your approach to meeting their needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Dura Automotive Systems is an independent designer, engineering, and manufacturer of automotive components.
Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States. More than 9,400 employees
Founded: 1990
Subsidiaries: Dura Operating

The interview process

To apply, you need to create an application profile. You will be required to upload your CV and any other supporting documentation – so make sure your information is up to date.

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Pre-Employment Assessment Test Practice

As you can imagine, the process can vary greatly depending on the position you are looking to fill. Also, depending on your location, some branches may include additional evaluations.

Aptitude tests, Numerical, verbal, AON, Hogan, SJT


Open Positions at Dura Automotive Systems

Product Engineer – ExteriorsAuburn Hills, Michigan
Systems EngineerAuburn Hills, Michigan
Validation Engineers
HR SpecialistLawrenceburg, Tennessee
Machine Repair LeaderMilan, Michigan
Machine Repair LeaderMilan, Michigan
Manufacturing EngineerPinconning, Michigan
Material Planner ILawrenceburg, Tennessee
Materials ManagerRoseville, Michigan
Molding Project EngineerMatamoros, Tamaulipas
Plant ManagerMilan, Michigan
Production SupervisorMilan, Michigan
Production Supervisor IIIPinconning, Michigan
Regional Operations DirectorAuburn Hills, Michigan
Tool and Die Maker