Raven Progressive Matrices (RPM) Test

Everything You Need to Know About the Raven Progressive Matrices (RPM) Test

The Raven Progressive Matrices test is one of the most common spatial reasoning exams in the world. The psychometric test also looks into analogical ability and general logic and problem-solving skills. Even if you’ve taken this test in the past, proper test preparation is often necessary to get a passing score.

What Does the RPM Test Look Like?

The RPM test is completely nonverbal that uses images spread in a matrix (hence the name) to create a visual basis from which test takers must solve complex logic problems. This could mean solving a pattern or using mental visualization to evaluate a hypothetical situation.

Typically, the question will not simply ask for a solution to the problem but create a written sequence of varying rule sets from which you must choose which is logical based on the established pattern.

This is a much more advanced version of the Colored Progressive Matrices (CPM) exam used on children to determine their ability to interpret data.

Raven Progressive Matrices Test Quick Facts

  • The test contains 60 questions
  • The test must be completed in 40 minutes
  • The questions on the test will get progressively more difficult as you go
  • The test is scored based on the number of questions you get right
  • There is no weight to missed or skipped questions

Alternative RPM Tests

So far, we’ve discussed the standard RPM and the CPM, which is used for children and mentally ill individuals. However, there are two other versions of the RPM that you may encounter – the Advanced Progressive Matrices and the Short APM.

Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)

The APM is similar to the standard RPM, but it is intended for those with much higher cognitive abilities. There are fewer questions on the APM (36), and the time limit is the same (40-minutes), but the questions begin at a much more difficult level than the standard RPM. Each question becomes gradually more difficult until the difficulty level surpasses that of any question on the standard RPM.

Short APM

The short APM takes the complex level of the APM and condenses into a test that provides an accurate assessment of a test-taker’s cognitive skills and abilities. There are only 12 questions on the Short APM, but the time limit has also been slashed to 15 minutes. The Short APM is popular with many companies thanks to its shortened testing time.

Raven Progressive Matrices Test Scoring Info

An RPM score is a percentage of the answers a test-taker got correct. This percentage is then compared to the number from a national form and ranked appropriately. This information is what is used by a company to determine whether a candidate should move forward to the next stage of hiring.

Preparing for the RPM Test

The idea of taking one of the Raven Progressive Matrices tests can be intimidating. Without proper preparation, many testers waste their time and score poorly based on a lack of questions answered.

At Next-Interview, we know the best way to avoid sabotaging your own test score is by practicing beforehand. We have what you need to prepare for your RPM test and ensure your score ranks high enough to land you the job of your dreams.