Prepare for Estee Lauder interview and assessment

How do I prepare for the Estee Lauder interview? Why do you want to work at Estee Lauder? estée lauder digital interview questions and answer

The Estée Lauder Companies Hiring Process differs slightly for each brand.

The interview process is a multi-stage process for hiring new employees. Every company wants to reduce the time it takes to hire new talent.

The Estée Lauder manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products.
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States
Subsidiaries: MAC Cosmetics, Clinique, Origins, MORE
Parent organization: Estée Lauder Companies

The Application Process at Estee Lauder

  1. Find your Job
  2. Created an account
  3. Selection process
  4. HR Interview – Face-to-face interview
  5. Pre-employment Assessments
  6. Job Offers

Employment Assessment Test Preparation

Assessment tests are designed to get an insight into your personal and professional background.
These tests can take a number of forms, such as a panel interview, software/skills assessment, case study, written test, or timed assignment.

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Finding the right job for you at Estee Lauder:

Make a Match. Before you start your job search, spend time making sure you’re looking for the right job

  • Travel Retail MAC Artist – 24hrs – George Bush Airport – Houston, TX
  • Retail manager MAC – Izmir Bornova
  • Retail Artist MAC – Denizli MAC Forum Camlik.FSS
  • Keyholder – Clinique Store – FSS, Richmond, BC
  • Alternance Conseiller(e) de Vente – EDPFM
  • Stage Coordination Retail et Formation (H/F) – Kilian Paris
  • Stage Chef de Projet Export – Kilian Paris

Estée Lauder Interview Questions

Here are some common interview questions for different positions at Estée Lauder, along with suggested ways to answer them.

Beauty Advisor

Q: Why do you want to work for Estée Lauder specifically? A: “I have always admired Estée Lauder for its commitment to quality and innovation in the beauty industry. I’m passionate about skincare and makeup, and I believe in Estée Lauder’s mission to empower people through its products. I’m eager to contribute to a team that prioritizes customer satisfaction and beauty excellence.”

Marketing Coordinator

Q: How would you align a new product campaign with Estée Lauder’s brand image? A: “Estée Lauder’s brand image is one of sophistication, innovation, and class. For a new product campaign, I would focus on these brand pillars, ensuring that the marketing materials exude elegance and educate customers on the product’s unique benefits. Utilizing social media, influencer partnerships, and storytelling, I would craft a campaign that resonates with our target demographic while staying true to the Estée Lauder legacy.”

Store Manager

Q: What strategies would you implement to drive sales and meet targets? A: “To drive sales and meet targets, I would implement a combination of staff training, personalized customer service, and in-store promotions. Training staff to be knowledgeable about Estée Lauder products ensures that they can effectively communicate benefits and tailor recommendations to individual customers. Personalized service increases customer loyalty, and strategic promotions can drive sales, particularly when aligned with local events or holidays.”

Cosmetic Chemist

Q: Can you discuss a successful formulation you developed or worked on? A: “In my previous role, I worked on developing a hydrating serum that balanced efficacy with a luxury feel. My focus was on creating a formula that provided deep hydration without a greasy residue. We conducted extensive research on hyaluronic acid and its benefits, resulting in a serum that became a bestseller due to its effectiveness and sensory appeal.”

Regional Sales Director

Q: How do you handle underperforming team members? A: “When handling underperforming team members, I first seek to understand the root cause of their performance issues. I believe in constructive feedback and coaching to help them improve. Setting clear expectations and providing resources for skill development are key. If performance does not improve, I adhere to company policies regarding further performance management.”


A cover letter allows you to add information and expand on your resume, adding details and explanations that you couldn’t add to the strict structure and rules…


Getting hired is essentially a cat race. You tend to find yourself competing with many people, many of whom have exactly or more qualifications than you do. Race is often to get offered an interview, and your resume plays a big part in this part.