Assessment and Interview Selection at CRH America

Assessment and Interview Selection at CRH America

The employee selection process typically includes steps like Reviewing cover letters and resumes, Pre-hire assessments, and interviews.

The interview process

Every job you apply to will likely have a unique internal process for accepting and reviewing resumes.

  • Find your Job
  • Submit your resume
  • Your application will be reviewed by the recruiter and/or the hiring manager.
  • Pre-employment Assessments
  • Job Offers

Pre-Employment Assessment Test Preparation

What should I expect in an assessment?

Come prepared for your assessment test and increase your chance of getting hired.

Mechanical Aptitude Test
The Mechanical Aptitude Test, also known as the Mechanical Comprehension Test, refers to an aptitude assessment used by various companies as part of their recruitment.

Personality Tests
What are personality tests? They are tests that try to determine, as the word implies, the personality constructs of a particular person.

If you have been invited for an aptitude test at CRH, practicing with these questions and answers is an excellent way to prepare,

Aptitude testsPersonality testMechanical Aptitude Test

About CRH America

CRH America is The largest manufacturer of building products and materials in North America. CRH combines the flexibility, speed, and in-depth market knowledge of local businesses. The Company offers construction materials aggregates, asphalt, cement, and readymixed concrete products.

  • Subsidiaries:
  • Boehler Construction,
  • Peterson Company
  • Wyoming Materials & Improvement
  • Fletcher Limestone Company
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  • Production,
  • Manufacturing
  • Plant and Field Management
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment and Machine Operators
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  • Human Resources,
  • QualityProcurement and Supply ChainSales
  • Business Development, Estimating