The selection process at YPF

The selection process at YPF

YPF is the main hydrocarbon company in Argentina and one of the most important in the region. Since 1922 it has been in charge of exploiting, refining, and marketing oil and its derivatives worldwide.
It develops complex personnel recruitment processes to select the most qualified and those who can contribute to its economic and commercial development.
The company offers great career development opportunities, ongoing training plans, and competitive salaries.

The selection process at YPF

To fully evaluate applicants and select the most suitable, the company implements the following personnel hiring process:

  1. The company offers vacancies for:
    o Official web portal.
    o College fairs
    o Job boards
    o Personal application at YPF headquarters.
  2. Knowledge and skills test.
  3. The following tests apply:
    o Evaluation of technical knowledge
    o Psychotechnical test. The logical reasoning test is applied
    o Proof of English language proficiency
  4. Medical evaluation. The physical conditions of the applicant and her state of health are examined.
  5. Interviews. They can be face-to-face or virtual. They are two types:
    o Individual
    or Group

Depending on the complexity and hierarchy of the position, the evaluation process can take between 2 days and four months.

YPF assessment tests

The YPF company applies the assessment tests to evaluate the candidate’s aptitudes and abilities to carry out the position offered. The exam is applied after evaluating other relevant aspects of the participant and is used as a complementary analysis mechanism.

The YPF assessment test raises problems of real work or situations more similar to the performance of the position and requires that they be solved with effective methods. They measure a series of behaviors and predict the applicant’s performance in the job.

The company applies this test because it provides accurate results on contestants’ habits and behaviors that are difficult to manipulate. Thus, they have the certainty of selecting the best candidate.

The test examines the participant’s capacity for self-control, motivation, ability to solve problems, handle challenging situations, ability to work in a team, social skills, and responsibility.

It is a valuable tool that YPF offers to study the participant’s skills and determine his suitability for the position. It allows specifying if the contestant possesses the values ​​of the organization and the ability to achieve corporate achievements.

Logical reasoning test
Through the logical reasoning test, the YPF company assesses the level of analysis and understanding of the candidate. Determine if you can understand the processes involved in the performance of the position.

The contestant’s ability to establish logical arguments, and formulate reasonable deductions, conclusions, and inferences is tested. It is studied if you have the ability to process data, understand the work environment, and solve problems and complex situations.

Generally, the company applies this test for certain jobs that require a detailed analysis of certain data and information. The level of complexity of the test will depend on the type of position offered.

The test presents sentences with diagrams, charts, graphs, pictures, figures, sequences of letters, and numbers that must be analyzed and interpreted. The number of questions is varied, it can be 12, 15, or 24 questions.
Responses can also be in this format and are simple to select. 5 possible solutions are presented for the candidate to select the correct answer in 70 seconds for each statement or in 47 minutes.
For better performance and to increase your chances of being selected for the position, you should take free online trials.

YPF interviews

The company develops several formats to interview candidates:

  1. Individual. The candidate is examined in several individual sessions, 2 or 3, depending on the position. They can be virtual face-to-face.
    They are directed by the Human Resources staff and by the head of the requesting area. Several aspects are evaluated:
    To. Personal data: address, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, company knowledge, stress management, availability, and personality traits.
    b. Professional aspects: recent training, experience, and technical knowledge.
    c. Mastery of English. Part of the conversation is held in the English language.
  2. Group: 3 evaluators study the participants in groups of 8 to 15 people for approximately 1 hour. They propose several activities to study the non-cognitive abilities of the candidates.