Originenergy Hiring Process


Practicing for the Originenergy is an essential part of every candidate’s preparation. Take our practice test and review helpful tips.

Originenergy has a well-defined process of onboarding new staff. They encourage prospective staff to be familiar with them to ease their application process.

  • Search for Originenergy job openings relating to your area of expertise so you can get a role that suit you. If you can’t find any, sign up for email job alerts.
  • Once you identify a role where you fit in, submit your application to their website with a copy of your resume and cover letter.
  • You will be contacted for either a phone or face-to-face interview if the recruitment team finds your application convincing enough.
  • If the role you’ve applied for requires role-specific testing and assessment, you will have to go through them in the interview process.
  • On completing a successful interview exercise, references and working rights may be examined. Once the onboarding team has no issue with that, you will be offered employment with clear terms and conditions.


 The company assessment test is the second stage of the hiring process. Origin energy company assessment test focuses mainly on the ability of the prospective staff to work in accordance with company values.


The ability to work within and across teams to attain a common goal is tested. You should be able to accommodate the opinion of others even when their views are different. At the same time, you should acknowledge their contributions.

Brilliant customer service

Since Origin offers products and services to the general public, prospective staffs must be constantly on the lookout for customer preferences regardless of the role for which they are going to be hired.


You are expected to be ready to take responsibility when a task comes up. Staffs at Originenergy agree on deliverables and take ownership of achieving them. Also, they acknowledge hitches and take lessons from them to get better.

As you can imagine, the process can vary greatly depending on the position you are looking to fill. Also, depending on your location, some positions may include additional evaluations.

You will need to take aptitude and psychometric tests

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About the Company

Origin Energy is an Australian-listed public energy company with headquarters in Sydney. It is an Australian Stock Exchange publicly listed company.
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia


  • Kubu Energy Resources is a 50:50 incorporated joint venture between Sasol Limited and Origin Energy Limited.
  • Integral Energy was the second largest state-owned energy corporation in New South Wales.
  • WINconnect Pty
  • Country Energy, an Australian energy retail subsidiary of Origin Energy, provides natural gas and electricity to retail customers in New South Wales.
  • Wind Power Propriety Ltd. wholesales alternative energy products.
  • Origin Energy Services produces energy. The Company focuses on power generation, gas exploration, oil exploration, production, and renewable generation.
  • Cogent Energ
  • Osborne Cogeneration
  • Lattice Energy Resources
  • Oil Company Of Australia
  • Sun Retail is an incumbent electricity supplier in the south-east Queensland.


Graduate and Undergraduate programs- The programs will help candidates develop skills, knowledge, and behaviours to launch their careers.

Find a role for you:

  • Energy Specialist – Brisbane
  • Project Coordinator / Junior Project Manager
  • Driver Grade 3
  • Project Manager – Shoalhaven
  • Multi-Skilled Operator
  • Telemetry Installer
  • Software Engineer
  • Energy Specialist
  • Cylinder Delivery Driver