Selection Process at Volaris

Selection Process at Volaris

Volaris is a Mexican company that offers commercial air transportation services. It operates in the United States and several Central American countries: Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.
With only 15 years of service, it has grown rapidly and promises to continue to develop. Due to its potential, it represents a great source of work. It offers its workers stability and constant training.

Selection Process at Volaris

Volaris develops rigorous and extensive recruitment processes to select the best because their jobs are in high demand.

  1. Online application
  2. Pre-selection
  3. Interview – onsite or virtually
  4. There might be some testing or background checking depending on the specific role.
  5. Job offer

The process of hiring workers can take an average of 3 months, which will depend on the profile of the position.

Volaris assessment tests

The assessment tests that Volaris applies to its candidates allow the company to measure the candidates and find the right employees for the job.

Personality test
The personality test is a valid and essential tool used by the Valoris company to assess the candidate’s main behaviors in certain situations. This exam specifies if the contestant can hold the position properly.
The characteristics of their personality, their ways of acting, and of reactions to certain events are studied.

Logical reasoning test
With the logical reasoning test, Volaris examines the candidate’s psychological processes to process data or information. It measures the level of analysis and understanding of the environment.

The questions can be posed in texts, figures, tables, flowcharts, sequences of numbers, and letters.

Volaris Interviews

The Volaris company conducts two interviews with candidates for approximately 1 hour. They can be face-to-face or virtual.

They are directed by the Human Resources department and the head of the recruiting area.
They are developed simultaneously in Spanish and English to check language proficiency. The technical knowledge that certifies you to perform the vacant job is also checked.