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As the premier airline of the United Kingdom, British Airways, along with its affiliates CityFlyer and EuroFlyer, offers unparalleled career opportunities for both seasoned and aspiring pilots across Europe.

While recruitment campaigns may differ, all candidates eyeing pilot roles must navigate through the British Airways Online Assessments for pilots facilitated by Sova, as well as the British Airways Assessment Centre designed specifically for pilots.

Dive into our detailed guide to understand the British Airways hiring process and evaluations thoroughly. Enhance your preparation with our BA Online Assessment Practice Pack, featuring preparation materials for Sova’s various ability and behavioural tests for BA pilot candidates. This will provide you with a competitive advantage to secure a pilot position at British Airways. What is the British Airways Online Assessment?

For its selection process, British Airways employs a series of ability and behavioural evaluations developed by Sova. Applicants may encounter a mix of assessments, including the BA Numerical reasoning test, BA verbal reasoning test, BA checking test, situational judgment test, and a Fly Test.

Our practice pack includes all necessary preparation for the British Airways tests, except for the BA Fly Test. To ascertain which tests you will be subjected to, review your test invitation carefully, and reach out to us for clarification on any uncertainties.

These assessments aim to demonstrate your possession of key cognitive abilities vital for a pilot, such as spatial awareness, multitasking, hand-eye coordination, and mental arithmetic. The situational judgement test (SJT) may present you with hypothetical situations related to potential challenges at British Airways, often involving ethical dilemmas, and assess your ability to respond in a manner aligned with British Airways’ values. British Airways Fly Capacity Test

The BA Capacity test comprises interactive tasks assessing cognitive abilities beyond verbal and numerical reasoning, like reaction times, spatial orientation, and more, critical for pilot proficiency.

British Airways Assessment Centre

After the initial application and cognitive assessments, successful candidates will be invited to a BA pilots assessment day, including document verification, a personal interview, and a flight simulator exercise with a partner.

Although the British Airways Virtual Assessment Centre is becoming more prevalent, in-person assessment days remain standard practice. Please note that British Airways does not cover travel expenses for these assessments.

The flight simulation test is a crucial part of assessing your flying skills, where you’ll act as both pilot and co-pilot for 45 minutes each.

Group exercises may also be conducted to evaluate your teamwork and interpersonal skills. To succeed, balance assertiveness with cooperation, embodying the team spirit and professional ethos British Airways seeks in its pilots.


The interview stage of the British Airways recruitment process is critical for assessing a candidate’s suitability for the role, both in terms of skill and fit within the company’s culture. For pilots and other positions, interviews can vary from one-on-one meetings to panel interviews, including technical assessments and competency-based questions. Here’s a guide to help you prepare for a British Airways interview, focusing on what to expect and how to present your best self:

Understanding the Interview Format

  • Technical Interviews: For pilots, part of the interview may focus on technical knowledge, including aircraft operations, navigation, safety procedures, and emergency handling. Be prepared to discuss your flying experience, understanding of aviation regulations, and scenarios you’ve encountered in your flying career.
  • Competency-Based Interviews: British Airways also uses competency-based interviews to assess how candidates have used their skills in past situations. These questions are designed to evaluate competencies such as teamwork, leadership, decision-making, and customer service.
  • HR Interviews: There may also be a more traditional HR interview component, focusing on your motivations for joining British Airways, your career aspirations, and how you align with the airline’s values.

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