What Is the Application Process at Zippo Manufacturing

What Is the Application Process at Zippo Manufacturing

Many employers ask candidates to take an assessment test. You can prepare by practicing online before you take test.

Steps in the interview process

Like other interviews, the Zippo interview process begins with a candidate applying for a job position.

  1. Find your Job
  2. Upload your resume & cover letter
  3. Confirmation email
  4. Selection process
  5. HR Interview
  6. Pre-employment Assessments
  7. Hiring Manager Interviews
  8. Job Offers
  9. Start your first day

Employment Assessment Test Preparation

The assessment is basically an online test like job tasks, problem-solving, work history questionnaire, simulation scenarios, and work-style questionnaire

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States

Subsidiaries: W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Zippo Fashion Italia S.r.l., Ronson Corporation Of Canada Ltd.

Career Opportunities

Zippo Manufacturing Company has 38 job openings – find your dream job

Zippo Manufacturing Co.
Senior Director of Human Resources
33 Barbour Street
Bradford, PA 16701
or email employment@zippo.com

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  1. I worked at Zippo for 2 and a half years, its a really good work place nice environment and very good coworkers

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