How to Pass the Interview Process at GardaWorld

How to Pass the Interview Process at GardaWorld

The hiring process is different from industry to industry. Keep reading to learn tips and tricks for optimizing your application and wowing your interviewers at GardaWorld.

GardaWorld Corporation is a Canadian private security firm based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and a worldwide leader in global security services.

GardaWorld Campus is a world leader in security training. Garda offers a range of on-site and online training solutions.
Headquarters: Montreal, Canada
Founded: 1972

Hiring Process Steps

  1. Find your Job
  2. Upload your resume
  3. Confirmation email
  4. Selection process
  5. HR Interview
  6. Pre-employment Assessments
  7. Hiring Manager Interviews
  8. Job Offers
  9. Start your first day

GardaWorld Pre-Employment Assessment Test Practice

  • Is it hard to pass the TSA test? it takes about 2.5 hours to complete
  • What is the passing score for the TSA test? passing rate of 80% for each test. 60-70% of the candidates won’t pass
  • What is the TSA assessment test?
  • How much do pre-board screening officers make? Pre-Board Screening Officer makes $22 – $24 per hour.

If you fail the test or the interview, you can reapply after six months’ time.

Start practice at the GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Practice

X-Ray questions, Reading Comprehension, Numerical and verbal

Gardaworld x-ray sample questions

The x-ray test contains 7 sets of images each set takes approximately 5 minutes.

Recognize whether cameras, belts, or shoes are found in the following pieces of luggage.


GardaWorld is a global leader in the security industry in the USA and Canada, offering a wealth of opportunities.

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General interview questions

Most common job interview questions

  1. How much do you expect to get paid?
  2. Do you take work home with you?
  3. What were some of the things about the last job that you found most difficult for you?
  4. What do you consider your best accomplishment in your last job?
  5. Sell Me This Pen.
  6. Is There Anything Else You’d Like Us to Know?
  7. What questions do you have for me?
  8. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
  9. Bonus Questions
  10. Why should we hire you?
  11. What are your salary expectations?