Holcim Australia is one of the global leaders in the manufacture and sale of construction/building materials. The work they do falls under 4 sections: aggregates, ready-mix concrete, cement, and solutions and products.

If working in a net zero company and building solutions experts is essential to your career, then you should be looking at growing with Holcim.

Company Hiring Process

The HOLCIM hiring process here is divided into the following stages:

  1. Application: This is done online, and all you need do is find a role you’re interested in and apply.
  2. One-way video interview: you’ll be asked some questions and get to record your answers, thus offering an opportunity to know you better.
  3. Phone screening and Psychometric tests: It’s usually short and centered on learning about you, so do well to sell yourself. The psychometric tests focus on cognitive abilities and personality traits.
  4. Assessment centre: this is the last stage, and all the successful candidates are invited to this stage where activities are set up, and you get to show your skills and also undergo an interview where you’re fully vetted. After which you’ll be hired or not.
  5. Pre-employment checks: you should know beforehand that your health status will be confirmed, and your references too. You might also be required to do a drug screening.

If the recruiting team is satisfied with you, then you’ll receive an offer letter.

Company Assessment Tests

The testing used here is Psychometric. Your thinking abilities and personality are tested to ascertain your fitness for the role. It’s not enough to think on your feet, the right attitude is important too.


The interview process is done with HR and the director of your interested department.. Make sure to dress smart casual and avoid bright colours. Learn about the company and your roles before hand. You can also note questions to ask on salary and other benefits. Refer to the company site for a guide on preparing fully for your interview.