HOGAN 360 practice assessment and personality

The Hogan 360 is a comprehensive feedback tool designed to provide individuals with a multifaceted view of their performance as perceived by themselves and others. Unlike traditional personality assessments like the Hogan Personality Inventory (which is based on the Big Five model), the Hogan 360 focuses on 360-degree feedback, collecting evaluations from a range of sources including peers, subordinates, and supervisors. The primary aim is to highlight discrepancies between how an individual perceives their behavior and how they are viewed by others.

Objectives of the Hogan 360

  1. Self-awareness: One of the main goals of the Hogan 360 is to increase an individual’s self-awareness. By comparing self-ratings to ratings from others, people can identify blind spots in their behavior and gain a more balanced understanding of their skills and weaknesses.
  2. Performance Improvement: By understanding how one is perceived across various competency domains, targeted developmental initiatives can be set up to improve overall performance.
  3. Leadership Development: This tool is often used for leadership assessment and development, helping future and current leaders to recognize the areas in which they need to grow.

Components and Interpretation

The Hogan 360 typically measures a variety of competencies that are considered important for effective job performance and leadership. These can include:

  1. Communication Skills: The ability to clearly convey ideas and to listen effectively.
  2. Teamwork: Ability to collaborate and work cohesively with a team.
  3. Decision Making: Aptitude for making informed, effective decisions.
  4. Leadership Ability: Capacity to motivate, direct, and manage others.

Participants receive a report that presents feedback in a structured manner, usually by competency area, and often involving both numerical scores and narrative comments. The report can highlight areas of strength and development, and suggest action plans.

Advantages of Hogan 360

  1. Holistic View: By collecting data from various sources, the Hogan 360 offers a well-rounded view of an individual’s performance.
  2. Tailored Development: The feedback can be used to create highly personalized development plans.
  3. Organizational Alignment: When used across a company, it can help to align individual performance with organizational goals.


  1. Potential for Bias: Rater bias can influence the outcomes, with overly positive or negative feedback skewing the results.
  2. Data Overload: The wealth of information can sometimes be overwhelming, making it hard to identify key action points.
  3. Sensitivity: Negative feedback can be difficult to accept and may require skilled interpretation and coaching to be constructive.

Application in Predicting Job Performance

The Hogan 360 is not a predictive tool in the traditional sense like a personality test. However, it can be extremely valuable in the context of ongoing development and performance management. By identifying strengths and weaknesses as perceived by multiple raters, organizations can make more informed decisions about promotions, role changes, and development opportunities. In that sense, while it may not predict future job performance, it can help to guide the actions that improve it.

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The Hogan 360 is a powerful tool for development and assessment, especially in a leadership context. While it does not directly predict job performance, it provides critical insights that can inform strategies to improve performance over time. Like all assessment tools, it has its limitations and is most effective when used as part of a broader assessment and development strategy.