Looking for a Job at Vishay Intertechnology

Looking for a Job at Vishay Intertechnology

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  • What are the steps in the hiring process?
  • How long does the hiring process take?
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Steps in the interview process

Learn about how long it will take to make the hiring decision and how many stages are involved in the recruitment process.

  1. Find your Job
  2. Create your account
  3. Selection process
  4. HR Interview
  5. Pre-employment Assessments
  6. Hiring Manager Interviews
  7. Start your first day

Pre-Employment Assessment Test Preparation

Come prepared for your assessment test and increase your chance of getting hired.

Mechanical Aptitude Test
The Mechanical Aptitude Test, also known as the Mechanical Comprehension Test, refers to an aptitude assessment used by various companies as part of their recruitment.

Personality Tests
What are personality tests? They are tests that try to determine, as the word implies, the personality constructs of a particular person.

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Vishay Intertechnology

Vishay Intertechnology world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductors, discrete diodes, and passive electronic components.
Headquarters: Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States


  • Spectrol GmbH Spectrol product group is a full line of variable resistive products, including precision potentiometers and trimming potentiometers.
  • Vishay Sfernice products include fixed resistors in wirewound, metal film, thick film, and thin film technologies.
  • Ecomal Deutschland GmbH distributes electronic components.
  • Vishay Siliconix LLC manufactures semiconductors and electronic components.
  • Vishay BCcomponents is a leading manufacturer of passive electronic components.

Vishay Careers

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  1. Entry Level Manufacturing Operator Columbus, NE, US
  2. Line Leader Zhuhai, 44, CN
  3. Production Operator 1 Marshall, MN, US
  4. Operator 1 Marshall, MN, US
  5. Reliability Test Engineer Columbus, NE, US
  6. Product Marketing Manager Columbus, NE, US
  7. NPI Prototype Area Supervisor Dover, NH, US
  8. Automation Engineering Technician Columbus, NE, US
  9. Facil/Plant/Maint Tech 1 Yankton, SD, US
  10. Entry Level Manufacturing OpenDaysator Columbus, NE, US
  11. Finished Goods/Shipping Clerk Bennington, VT, US
  12. Sr. Quality Engineer New Taipei City, TPQ, TW
  13. Operator 2 – Continuous Line Operator Columbus, NE, US
  14. Summer Production Operator Marshall, MN, US
  15. Marketing Manager Columbus, NE, US
  16. Production Assistant Niagara Falls, NY, US
  17. Entry Level Manufacturing Operator Columbus, NE, US