Salvation Army Interview Questions

Salvation Army Interview Questions

To apply, you need to create an application profile. You will be required to upload your CV and any other supporting documentation – so make sure your information is up to date.
No matter the format, most interview questions will be behavioral-based, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the S-T-A-R method.

There are three steps to our hiring process.

Start by looking for open positions on their official website, job portals, or local bulletin boards. Review the job descriptions and requirements to find a role that matches your qualifications and interests.

  1. APPLY Once you’ve identified an opportunity of interest, you can submit an application.
  2. ASSESS telephone or video interview. Depending on the role
  3. OFFER If you are selected for the role, the salvation army internal recruitment team will contact you to review the offer letter details.


The Salvation Army is a Protestant church and an international charitable organization.
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom


  • The Salvation Army Evangeline Booth College, or EBC, is an accredited theological college administered by The Salvation Army. The school is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is named after General Evangeline Booth, the 4th General of The Salvation Army.
  • Salvation Army Vision Network TV network
  • Reliance Bank Limited, formerly known as The Salvation Army Bank, was founded in 1890 by William Booth.

Summer Camp Job – Gap Year Volunteer & Travel Programs

  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Recruiting Specialist
  3. Grants Manager
  4. Corporate Relations Manager
  5. Administrative Specialist
  6. Multimedia and Digital Communications Developer
  7. Executive Assistant for NCRD

The Salvation Army Interview Questions

When preparing for an interview with The Salvation Army, it’s helpful to consider the organization’s core values and mission, as well as the specific responsibilities of the position for which you are applying. Here are some common questions that might be asked during an interview, along with the underlying focus of each question:

  1. What draws you to work with this particular group of people?
  2. Why do you want to work for us?
  3. Tell me about a time when you had to explain complex information to a client or team member.
  4. What motivated you to work with Salvation Army?
  5. What was your most challenging case? Most rewarding?
  6. How do you motivate yourself and ensure all paperwork, visit, and other work gets done?
  7. How would you handle an angry customer?
  8. How would you describe your leadership style?

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