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tsa cbt practice test free practice

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) CBT (Computer-Based Test) is a pre-employment screening test for candidates applying to work at the TSA. The test typically includes two main sections: the X-ray test and the written exam, focusing on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and basic arithmetic.

X-ray Test Simulation

Scenario: Imagine you’re looking at an X-ray of a bag. Inside the bag, there’s a mix of everyday items and potentially prohibited items.

Question: If you see an object in the shape of a gun, but it appears to be made of a material that looks like plastic, what would be the best course of action?

  1. Clear the bag, as guns are not necessarily prohibited.
  2. Call for a physical inspection of the bag.
  3. Ignore the object since it’s made of plastic.
  4. Mark the image as a threat and notify a supervisor.

Reading Comprehension

Passage: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This sentence, often used as a typing test, contains every letter in the English alphabet. It’s a pangram and is useful for testing keyboards.”

Question: What is the main purpose of the sentence mentioned in the passage?

  1. To test the speed of a fox.
  2. To demonstrate a feature of the English language.
  3. To show the laziness of dogs.
  4. To explain the behavior of foxes in nature.


Question: What does the word “pangram” mean?

  1. A sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet at least once.
  2. A type of fox.
  3. A model of keyboard.
  4. A test for typing speed.

Basic Arithmetic

Question: If a TSA agent inspects 120 bags in an hour, how many bags do they inspect in an 8-hour shift?

  1. 960
  2. 240
  3. 1080
  4. 840

For the best preparation, you should also practice your observational skills, your ability to work under time pressure, and improve your basic math and English skills.

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