SHL Situational Judgement Test

SHL Situational Judgement Testare usually presented in textual or multimedia formats that present different scenarios and multiple-choice options. These SHL tests are brief filtering tools that help organizations manage applications while enhancing the candidate experience.

The results of the SHL SJT tests are helpful in leveraging candidates who do not have a minimum level of behavior appropriate to the job, the company, or the culture.

What Are Situational Judgement Tests?

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) present candidates with a range of different situations that they might experience in the role they are applying for.
Situational judgement tests tend to determine behavioral tendencies, assessing how an individual will behave in a certain place, situation, and knowledge instruction, which evaluates the effectiveness of possible responses.
The situation, can be presented in a variety of different waysץ
In most job screening companies, there is no time to finish the test, but usually, there are between 20 and 30 questions.
It’s best to reach a score of 80% in your SJT.

SJT Questions Sample

ResponseLeast EffectiveMost Effective
Do not allow the employee to go on vacation  
Tell the employee that you need to change his job  
Tell the employee that you are dissatisfied with his output  
Tell the employee that he made a lot of mistakes in the last month  

Common Situational Judgement Test

Companies use different ways for candidates to respond to the situations presented

  • Administrative SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Customer Service SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Supervisory SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Civil Service SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Sales SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Nursing SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Call Center SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Police SJT Sample Test Questions
  • Firefighter SJT Sample Test Questions

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