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Making a career change can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time. If the next stop on your career journey is with ViacomCBS, there is a lot of important information you need to know to increase your chances of being hired. Read on for information on ViacomCBS’s hiring process and employment standards.

Hiring Process at ViacomCBS

The hiring process at ViacomCBS is lengthy but straightforward. Here is a basic breakdown of the process:

  • Apply Online With an Updated Resume
  • Complete a Phone Interview
  • Pass Pre-Employment Testing
  • Pass a Background and Drug Screening
  • Depending on Position, Pass a Physical
  • Complete a Final, In-Person Interview

Pre-Employment Testing at ViacomCBS

A great resume alone isn’t enough to land you a job with ViacomCBS. You must also excel at the pre-employment assessment to test your personality traits and general intelligence. 

Though there are many types of pre-employment assessments used depending on the position you are applying for.

The assessment consists of 4 separate tests:

  1. Verbal Test
  2. Numerical Test
  3. Abstract Reasoning Test
  4. Personality Test

Verbal Test

This portion of the Logic battery of tests looks at your verbal and reading comprehension, which is a useful skill for all positions at ViacomCBS.

This section involves reading a prompt that may be of varying length. After you’ve read the text, you must answer a series of multiple-choice questions that involve the information provided in the prompt.

Numerical Test

The numerical testing section touches on your ability to understand and process mathematical data, though the need for advanced algebraic skills is not needed to pass the exam. Instead, you must be able to read graphs, charts, and written descriptions of data.

You will then answer multiple-choice questions, the answers to which can be found in the data provided.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract reasoning is a very important skill for workers at ViacomCBS. This is thanks to the need to understand and evaluate complicated scenarios and problems with little assistance or managerial interference.

This test section will involve looking at complex figures and illustrations, then using the provided information to answer questions involving image variations, patterns, and more.

Personality Test

In addition to the assessments at ViacomCBS, you will need to complete a personality assessment. These evaluations are vital to discovering your natural behavioral traits and reactive tendencies.

The personality and Preferences Index involves rating a multitude of questions and scenarios. This might involve reading a scenario and choosing how you might respond. It can also mean reading a behavioral trait and expressing how closely you relate to it.

How to Prepare for ViacomCBS Pre-Employment Test

Preparing for the Logic assessment is one of the only ways to ensure your employment process doesn’t come to an early end. Luckily, it is easy to prepare with the practice exams, study guides, and guiding materials available on our site.

If you are ready to begin a career at ViacomCBS, begin preparing for your exam today!

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances

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