Leadership Assessment Test

Leadership Assessment Test

A leadership assessment test is a tool used to evaluate an individual’s leadership potential, skills, and style. These tests are often used by organizations to assess job candidates for leadership positions or to develop current employees for future leadership roles. The assessment may include a combination of self-assessment questionnaires, situational judgment exercises, and behavioral questions.

A Guide to the Leadership Assessment Test

Whether you are seeking a job with a new company or you are aiming to move up in your current workplace, shifting into a leadership role can completely reshape your career trajectory in income levels. These positions are harder to come by than entry-level work and often require pre-employment assessments that reflect their difficulty.

The Leadership Assessment Test is one that people applying for these roles may face. The assessment includes a Situational Judgment Test (SJT) and a lengthy personality assessment.

Topics that are commonly covered in leadership assessment tests include:

  1. Decision-making and problem-solving
  2. Communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Time management and prioritization
  4. Motivating and leading a team
  5. Adaptability and flexibility
  6. Strategic thinking and vision
  7. Emotional intelligence and empathy
  8. Ethical leadership and integrity
  9. Delegation and mentorship

The results of a leadership assessment test can provide valuable insight into an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement as a leader and can be used to guide professional development and career advancement.

Situational Judgement Test Information

Situational Judgement Tests utilize written scenarios that are related to the job at hand. You will need to read through each scenario and answer one or a series of questions regarding how you would handle the situation or you impression of how someone else handled the situation.

This section contains approximately 25 questions in total and can be completed in under an hour.

Leadership Personality Assessment

The Leadership Personality Assessment is made of 219 statements that you must read before determining your opinion on those statements and how they may or may not relate to you. Typically, this test is not timed and can take around an hour to complete depending on your reading skills.

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 What Traits Are These Tests Looking For?

The Leadership Personality Assessment and it’s two individual testing sections are specifically issued because they can help a company determine if you are suited for their specific field and for a leadership role in general. There are many traits that are highly sought for in a leader, here are a few that these tests look for:

  • Integrity
  • Assertiveness
  • Fairness
  • Humility
  • Decisiveness
  • Innovation
  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Even-Temper

Do I Need to Prep for the Leadership Personality Test?

It is very important to prep for the Leadership Personality Test. Proper preparation can prepare you for the style of testing and any time limits. Additionally, good test prep will teach you how to watch out for intentionally misleading questions and how to answer questions in the most appropriate way for the company at hand.

Tips for Excelling at the Leadership Assessment Test

  • Read up on The Hiring Company – Most companies will have a page on their website focusing on their mission and purpose. This, along with any information in the job listing, can help you determine the personality traits and performance factors that are most important to the company. You can use this information to know which of your own skills you should try to highlight.
  • Know Why You’re Being Tested – If you go into your assessment with the attitude that you shouldn’t have to take the test, you may find yourself trying to finish as quickly as possible, which means making mistakes. These companies want to know that you can carry through on tasks you don’t always love and also want to see any innate skills that may not be reflected on your resume.
  • Prep Beforehand – The best way to ensure you pass your leadership assessment is to practice as often as you can. At Next-Interview, we have everything you need to build up your Leadership Assessment testing skills.