DDI Tests

Development Dimensions International (DDI) Tests: What Are They and How Can You Prep?

Pre-employment testing is something most people are familiar with, thanks to the growth in their use for both advanced and entry-level positions. While some companies create their own tests, many use companies like Developmental Dimensions International(DDI) to create science-based testing that can help them determine the best candidate for their open positions.

About DDI Assessment

DDI is a consulting agency that has been around since 1970. They work internationally to create a plethora of employment tests that cover things like personality, leadership ability, situational judgement tests, task-specific testing, and so much more. No matter what pre-requisites a company has for their position, DDI has a test that applies.

Here are some of the most commonly issued pre-employment tests created by DDI:

Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART)

The Adaptive Reasoning Test is DDI’s unique approach to determining abstract reasoning. Where many abstract reasoning tests utilize a large number of questions with multiple-choice, written answers, the ART takes a different approach.

The test contains 15 questions and only uses images for the entire test. The test “adapts” after each answer to adjust the difficulty level of the next question. This gives a quick and accurate assessment of the test-taker’s ability to make decisions based on abstract information.

Readiness Assessments

DDI’s series of readiness assessments are personality tests that seek out traits based on the position for which the tester has applied. This means the focus of the test will be different for someone in retail than for someone in a non-customer-facing role.

The tests focus on multiple personality factors simultaneously, which means the lack of one personality trait doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be considered for a position.

Career Battery Tests

The battery tests by DDI are created from a series of testing sections that focus on the test-takers decision-making skills, ability to self-manage, and an in-depth look at personal experience.

All questions are given as a written statement or scenario, from which you must determine an appropriate response. Some questions will as if the statement is like you, and others may ask how you would react in the given scenario.

Skills Test

Development Dimensions International also provides skill-specific tests, which some companies may require to ensure they are hiring someone that has the necessary knowledge to complete job-tasks. These tests may cover job-specific software, scenarios, or tasks.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Situational Judgement Tests focus on how the test-taker thinks they would respond in a hypothetical scenario. The given scenarios are often morally skewed or ambiguous, which can make it more difficult to pick an answer that is “obviously correct.”

Some situations will test the ability to prioritize responsibilities, handle difficult situations, address the concerns of customers/clients, and more.

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PurposeTo assess an individual’s cognitive ability, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking
FormatComputer-based, multiple-choice questions
AdaptivityQuestions adapt to the individual’s ability level, becoming more difficult or easier depending on their performance
Time limitNo fixed time limit, but test typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete
SectionsThree sections: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning
ScoringScore based on number of correct answers and difficulty level of questions answered correctly
NormsScores compared to a large sample of individuals who have taken the test
ReliabilityHigh levels of reliability and validity
UsesUsed in a variety of settings, including recruitment, employee development, and academic admissions
LanguagesAvailable in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese
BenefitsCan help identify high-potential employees, improve diversity and inclusion in hiring, and predict job performance
PreparationDDI offers Adaptive Practice Tests to help individuals prepare for the ART
DDI Adaptive