DCAS Special Officer Test Practice

DCAS Special Officer Test Practice

New York City Special Officers provide onsite security for all Department of Citywide Administrative Services buildings across the five boroughs. They are tasked with conducting preliminary investigations, inspecting building rule violations and criminal complaints, and implementing corrective and preventive measures. They also assist with emergency planning.

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To become a New York City Special Officer, you must first pass a civil service test involving job-related skills used in the daily tasks performed in the line of duty.

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Exam Details

The New York City Special Officer exam is a multiple-choice, computer-formatted aptitude test. It does not test your knowledge of specific laws or codes. Instead, it tests your ability to succeed on a broad level at the tasks assigned to you on the job.

To pass, you must score a 70% or higher. Scoring a 70% does not guarantee you will be placed in a position. Instead, once you’ve passed, you’ll be placed on a hiring list for newly available placements. The higher your score, the higher you are on the placement list.

The subject areas covered in the Special Officer exam are:

  • Written Comprehension – deciphering information from a passage of text
  • Written Expression – communicating effectively through your writing
  • Problem Sensitivity – identifying a problem and coming to a logical solution
  • Information Ordering – placing information in a logical timeline
  • Memorization – remembering important information
  • Visualization – visualizing what an object will look like after a transformation
  • Spatial Orientation – properly assessing your surroundings
  • Deductive Reasoning – applying logic to a scenario
  • Inductive Reasoning – gathering pieces of information to form a conclusion

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Exam Preparation

The best way to prepare for the exam is to expose yourself to the types of questions you will encounter when taking the NYC Special Officer exam. This involves taking several practice tests.

For example, in the problem sensitivity category, you may be presented with information that a building employee has sent in the form of a complaint. You’ll be tasked with identifying the issue at hand and figuring out the next steps.

Look for a practice test that covers all of these. Then, time yourself while you take the practice exam. From there, you’ll be able to score yourself and understand where you can improve.

Start practicing today and improve your hiring chances.

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