Australian Government’s Revelian Tests

Australian Government's Revelian Tests - Australian government's revelian tests questions and answers

Revelian tests are psychological assessments commonly used by employers in Australia (and some other countries) for the purposes of recruitment and selection. These tests are designed to measure various cognitive abilities, skills, and behavioral traits. Revelian offers a range of different tests, including cognitive ability tests, emotional intelligence tests, skills tests, personality tests, and more.

Organizations, including the Australian Government, may use Revelian tests as part of their hiring process to gain a comprehensive understanding of candidates’ abilities and suitability for a role. Depending on the job profile and the skills required, candidates may be asked to complete one or more of these assessments.

What are the Australian Government’s Revelian Tests?

These are a series of tests the Australian Government requires candidates to take as part of their hiring process. These tests are psychometric, meaning they assess cognitive abilities as well as personality.

The most common Revelian tests include:

  1. Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT): Measures general cognitive ability, including problem-solving, abstract reasoning, and verbal, numerical, and spatial reasoning skills.
  2. Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT): Assesses emotional intelligence through a variety of scenarios and questions.
  3. Work Preferences Profile (WPP): Measures job-related preferences and work style to predict job fit and satisfaction.
  4. Behavioral Profile: Assesses an individual’s behavioral style and the way they are likely to behave in different work situations.
  5. Skills tests: These are role-specific tests that measure skills necessary for a particular job (e.g., typing tests, Microsoft Office tests, etc.)

What Should I Expect In a Revelian Test?

Candidates usually take these tests online, although they can sometimes be administered in-person depending on the employer’s preference. Results are generally used alongside other selection methods such as interviews and reference checks to make more informed hiring decisions.

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

This measures general intelligence. Revelian asks each candidate 51 random questions in 20 minutes. There’s also no avenue to cheat, as each candidate gets a separate set of questions.

It has the following sections:

1. Verbal Questions

This just tests your use of English and could follow any form.

E.g. Pick the odd one out.

  • Sew
  • Clothes
  • Sow
  • Style

The odd one is “Sow”, as the others have to do with fashion design.

2. Numerical Questions

This deals with the basics of numbers and how to work them. You aren’t required to have any advanced knowledge of mathematics.

E.g. What is the missing number?

1,2,3  4,5,9  10,11,21  22,_,45

The answer is 23, as the addition of the first two numbers in each set gives the third.

Abstract Questions

This deals with logic and expects you to analyze patterns in order to come to a conclusion.

The Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test

This test assesses reading skills, comprehension, and ability to interpret. Each candidate is given 35 questions and only 10 minutes to answer. Even though it’s largely assumed that majority won’t finish, speed and accuracy are measured here.

Employers seeking candidates with comprehension skills or analysis skills might use this.

Eg. What options tell Ann’s favorite fruits?

  1. Ann doesn’t eat mangoes.
  2. Ann loves banana and apples.
  3. Ann always buys citrus fruits.
  4. Ann ate berries yesterday.

Options 3 and 4 are the answers. Berries don’t exactly have to be her favorite for her to eat them.

The Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test

This test assesses the ability to handle numerical data or make conclusions based on them. Employers with roles around data or numbers would most likely use this test. The candidates are given 25 questions to answer in 12 minutes.

E.g. What are the missing numbers?

2  9  16

5 12  _

8  _  22

The answers are 19 and 15. You could solve this in two ways- the rows increase by 7 starting from the left, while the columns increase by 3 starting from the top.

The Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test

Employers trying to test candidates’ ability to handle new concepts or learn quickly while applying logic can use this test. Candidates will be given 32 questions to answer in 10 minutes.

Revelian sample questions:

Which of the following options belongs in the blank square above? 

Revelian sample questions:

Other Revelian Tests

These other tests typically assess behaviour that determines if the candidate will be a great fit. Sometimes even the most cognitively gifted ones lack the skills needed to thrive in the workplace, hence a balance must be achieved. Some examples of these tests are:

Revelian Personality Tests

This assesses the motivations, strengths, and behavior of the candidate. There are two types:

1. The Behavioural Profile: candidates are given 24 questions which take about 10 minutes. You are given options and expected to pick which is more you, hence there are no right or wrong answers. It’s left to the employer to determine their best fit.

2. 16 Personality Factors: this questionnaire contains 179 McQ, which takes about 30 minutes even though it’s not timed. Most times, this is used as a secondary selection tool.

Values Inventory

This predictive test checks for how candidates align with employers and then determines their longevity and productivity in the workplace. 21 questions are asked, and they take about 10 minutes.

Work Reliability

This rates values like honesty and reliability. You can tell if your candidate will be down with corruption or stealing or will lie their way out of work. 54 questions are asked.

Emotional Intelligence

Candidates with high emotional quotient are usually great leaders and good problem solvers, especially regarding communication barriers. Situational type questions are used here, and about 141 questions are asked.

Game-Based Cognitive Ability Tests

This involves the use of timed fun and interactive games. They test your numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning just like the other cognitive tests, but without the pressure.

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