AlixPartners Recruiting Process

AlixPartners recruiting process

Information regarding AlixPartners pre-employment screening process.
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  • How long is AlixPartners hiring process?
  • Is getting hired at AlixPartners hard?
  • How long does a AlixPartners interview last?
  • What questions are asked during the interview?

AlixPartners recruiting process

The company looks for candidates who have these traits

  1. Entrepreneurial
  2. Self-starter
  3. Analytical

The typical stages throughout the process

  1. Interviews
  2. Case interview – some roles may require technical assessments
  3. Assessment

AlixPartners Assessment Test

The exact wording of these questions may vary depending on the exact role that you’re applying for

About The Company

AlixPartners management consultants specialize in solving the most complex and critical business challenges.


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Early Careers – the company recruits MBA/Ph.D. graduates and early career professionals for full-time consulting roles

  1. Enterprise Improvement Consultant
  2. Economics Senior Vice President
  3. Digital Consultant
  4. Service Desk Intern
  5. Werkstudententätigkeit im Recruitment