AIG Placement and hiring Process

AIG Placement and hiring Process aig application process

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  • What should I expect in an assessment Centre?
  • How competitive is the hiring process at AIG?
  • What is the placement process?
  • How to pass the internship interview questions?

Hiring Process/AIG Recruitment Process

the hiring process at AIG (American International Group) may vary depending on the position and location, but typically follows a structured process.

  1. Application: Start by searching for job openings on the AIG careers website or other job platforms. Submit an online application for the position that interests you by uploading your resume and cover letter.
  2. Resume Review: The HR team or hiring manager will review the applications to identify candidates whose qualifications match the requirements of the position.
  3. Initial Screening: If your application is shortlisted, you might receive a phone call or email to schedule an initial screening. This could involve a brief conversation with a recruiter to discuss your background, skills, and the role you’ve applied for.
  4. Interviews: Depending on the role, there might be one or more rounds of interviews. These could include:
    • Phone/Video Interview: An interview with the hiring manager or a member of the team. This may focus on your experience, skills, and how they align with the role.
    • Technical Interview: For technical or specialized positions, there might be a technical assessment or interview to gauge your proficiency in relevant areas.
    • Behavioral Interview: A discussion about your work style, problem-solving abilities, and how you’ve handled challenges in the past.
    • Panel Interview: In some cases, you might be interviewed by a panel of team members or managers.
  5. Assessments: Depending on the role, you might be asked to complete assessments, such as coding tests, case studies, or aptitude tests, to evaluate your skills and fit for the position.
  6. Reference Checks: AIG might conduct reference checks with your previous employers or colleagues to gather additional insights about your work history and performance.
  7. Final Interview: If you’ve successfully passed the initial rounds, you might be invited for a final interview with senior leaders or executives to assess your alignment with the company’s values and long-term goals.
  8. Offer: If you are selected as the top candidate, you will receive a formal job offer. This offer will include details about the position, compensation, benefits, and other relevant information.
  9. Background Check: AIG, like many companies, typically conducts background checks to verify the accuracy of the information you provided and ensure your eligibility for employment.
  10. Onboarding: Once you’ve accepted the offer and cleared any necessary checks, you will be guided through the onboarding process. This may include paperwork, orientation, and training.

Assessment Test

These assessments are designed to evaluate your skills, knowledge, and suitability for the role you’ve applied for.

  • How do I practice for an assessment test?
  • How do you pass an assessment test?
  • What is an assessment test?

The assessment test is a selection used to determine a candidate’s cognitive ability or personality. A high assessment test score can open the door to getting a job offer.
It is ideal to start preparing for a test as long in advance as possible. However, the hiring manager may often give short advance notice before the test.

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About The Company

American International Group, also known as AIG, is an American multinational finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions.
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States


  • Blackboard Insurance brings together technology, data science, and deep industry expertise.
  • The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company that specializes in tax-qualified retirement plans, supplemental tax-deferred, and after-tax investments.
  • AIG Property Casualty
  • American General Life Insurance operates as an insurance company.
  • Tata AIG General Insurance Company is an Indian general insurance company and a joint venture between the Tata Group and American International Group.
  • Lexington Insurance Company is a surplus lines insurance company. It is the largest surplus lines insurer based in the U.S., and it offers property, casualty, and specialty lines insurance products.
  • American Life Insurance Company provides insurance services.
  • Laya Healthcare is a health insurance company in Ireland.


AIG is looking for team members who want to grow their careers and give back to their communities.

Student Programs – The company hiring high-potential candidates from universities around the world.

AIG as a Summer Intern – Interns work closely with mentors and colleagues who challenge you with meaningful, business-critical projects.

Find your place at AIG

  • Quality Assurance
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Vice President, Corporate Development, AIG Life and Retirement
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Senior Examiner, Claims Administration- Life USA
  • Client & Broker Engagement Manager
  • Associate Actuarial Programmer/Modeling
  • Retirement Plan Consultant II
  • Associate Audit Director
  • AIG Life UK – Assistant Company Secretary
  • Claims Examiner

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AIG interview questions

here are some sample interview questions that you might encounter during an interview at AIG, along with a brief explanation of how to approach each question. Remember, the specific questions can vary based on the role and level you’re interviewing for:

  1. Tell me about a time when you demonstrated strong problem-solving skills. What was the situation, and how did you approach it?
    • Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your response. Describe a specific problem, explain the actions you took to address it, and highlight the positive outcome.
  2. How do you prioritize your tasks when faced with multiple deadlines?
    • Explain your approach to time management and task prioritization. Provide an example of a situation where you effectively managed multiple tasks and met deadlines.
  3. Can you give an example of a situation where you had to work collaboratively in a team? How did you contribute to the team’s success?
    • Describe a teamwork experience, emphasizing your role, communication skills, and how you contributed to achieving the team’s goals.
  4. Tell me about a project you led. What were the challenges, and how did you overcome them?
    • Describe a project where you took a leadership role. Discuss the challenges you faced, the strategies you implemented to overcome them, and the results you achieved.
  5. Describe your experience with data analysis/financial modeling/technical tool [relevant to the role].
    • Provide specific examples of your experience using the mentioned skills, technologies, or tools. Explain how you applied them to solve problems or achieve objectives.
  6. How do you stay updated with industry trends and developments?
    • Discuss your methods for staying informed about industry changes. Mention any relevant publications, online resources, conferences, or professional networks you follow.

AIG internships

Here’s a general overview of what you might expect from an AIG internship:

  1. Duration: Internships at AIG can vary in duration, but they often align with typical academic terms, such as summer, fall, or spring internships. The duration can range from a few weeks to several months.
  2. Roles and Departments: AIG offers internships in various departments and functions based on the company’s needs and the intern’s skills and interests. These could include areas like underwriting, claims, data analysis, marketing, IT, and more.
  3. Eligibility: Internship eligibility criteria may include being a current student pursuing a degree in a relevant field. AIG might specify the academic year or major requirements for each internship opportunity.
  4. Application: Interested students usually need to apply online through the AIG careers website. The application process may involve submitting a resume, cover letter, and possibly academic transcripts or other documents.
  5. Interview: Shortlisted candidates might be invited for an interview, which could be conducted in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. The interview might focus on your skills, experiences, and why you’re interested in interning at AIG.
  6. Projects and Responsibilities: During the internship, you’ll likely work on specific projects or tasks related to the department you’re assigned to. You’ll gain hands-on experience, contribute to real-world projects, and learn from professionals in the field.
  7. Networking and Development: Interns often have the opportunity to network with AIG employees, attend workshops, seminars, and company events, and learn about the insurance and financial industry.
  8. Feedback and Evaluation: AIG may provide feedback and evaluations throughout your internship to help you understand your strengths and areas for growth.
  9. Possible Job Offers: Some internships can serve as a pipeline for full-time job offers at AIG, depending on your performance and the availability of positions.

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